AffinitySportsThe Official Data Management system utilized by Cal North is powered by Affinity Sports. Affinity Sports is a full spectrum league and club management system. Access to player, team, coach, tournament and scheduling data is available for all leagues. Coaches, Team Managers, Age Group Coordinators, Treasurers, and Tournament Directors can each have online user accounts giving them access to information and tools they need based on their role in Cal North.

All Cal North Leagues must have their data entered in our data management system. There are three methods of registration available to leagues and clubs:

Registrars can access the system 24 hours 7 days a week.

1. Online Registration

This is the most effective method of registration and is preferred. It allows parents to submit all necessary forms and payment for registration online. Additionally, when parents register online, they also submit electronic legal agreements that make collecting wet ink signatures unnecessary. We encourage all leagues/clubs to take advantage of online registration. Online Registration can be customized to meet the dynamic and changing needs of your league or club. All Cal North Affiliated leagues and clubs have online registration available as an option at no additional cost to them. If you’re league or club is interested in configuring online registration, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

2. Manual Registration

Manual Registration is the process of manually data keying player, parent and team administrator registration data in our system. Various clubs and leagues in rural areas that lack internet connectivity utilize this method of registration. Manual registration is typically run in combination with either importing data or the preferred online registration method. Manual registration does not include the ability to collect payment online, completion of electronic legal agreements, and requires registrars to continue collecting paper applications with wet ink signatures.

3. Data Imports

If your league or club uses a third party system, the option to import data is available. Imported data must meet our data requirements. Data is imported weekly on Thursdays. Similar to manual registration, registrars must continue collecting paper applications with wet ink signatures.

For Additional Information Please Contact:
Cal North Support Staff
Emanuel Lusca
P:925.426.5437 x23