CCSL Spring Season Applications

How to Apply for CCSL

Returning teams should apply using their existing GotSoccer team account. You will need your GotSoccer team username and password. New teams should contact their Club Administrator to create a new Gotsoccer team account. If you do not know your Cal North District, please check with your League or Club administrators, or search the Cal North League Directory.

Premier and California Regional League (CRL) teams should apply to the Cal North Premier League

Open League

Spring 2017 CCSL will be offered as an open league.   If your team is part of a Cal North affiliated club, you can play with Cal North, AYSO, USYS, and/or US Club passes for spring.   For more information on Open League and Insurance options Click Here.

CCSL Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper teams apply using the application links below for the Cal North District where you register.

Fall Season CCSL Applications

District 1District 2District 3
District 4District 5District 6
District 7District 8District 9

Applied Teams

Coast / Bay Region
Metro / Valley Region

Age Group Designations

Spring is the second half of the playing year. Teams will remain the same age as in fall 2016. However, teams will play in the format of the next age group up in preparation for fall 2017. Age groups that will change formats from fall 2016 to spring 2017 are U12 and U10.

Your team age group is determined by subtracting the birth year of your oldest player from the seasonal year, 2017. Example for the 2016/17 seasonal year, a player born in 2004: 2017 – 2004 = U13.

Spring 2017 Game Formats

CCSL Contacts

Premier and CRLTeddy
CCSL Coast /  Bay RegionSonya
CCSL Metro /Valley RegionDino
CCSL DirectorBruce