2020 CCSL Spring Season Team Applications

Open League Format

CCSL Spring League is offered as an open league. If your team is part of a club which can provide home game fields and certified referees, you may be able to play with Cal North, AYSO, USYS, or US Club passes.
For Open League details, Please scroll to the bottom of this page.

How to Apply for CCSL

Returning teams should apply using their existing GotSoccer team account. You will need your GotSoccer team username and password. New teams should contact their Club Administrator to create a new GotSoccer team account. If you do not know your Cal North District, please check with your League or Club administrators, or search the Cal North League Directory.

CCSL Premier, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper teams apply using the application links below for the Cal North District where you register.


District Application Links

Applied Teams

Coast / Bay Region

Metro / Valley Region

Age Group Designations

Your team age group is determined by subtracting the birth year of your oldest player from the seasonal year, 2020. Example for the 2019/20 seasonal year, a player born in 2004: 2020 – 2004 = 16U.

2019/2020 seasonal year (Aug 1, 2019-July 31, 2020)

Game Formats

9U and 10U – 7v7 (8U teams applied for CCSL will play up in the 9U format)
11U and 12U – 9v9
13U and older 11v11

CCSL Contacts

CCSL Coast /  Bay RegionSonya Leecoastdirector@calnorth.org
CCSL Metro /Valley RegionDino Realidreali@calnorth.org
CCSL DirectorBruce SillarsCCSLDirector@calnorth.org

Open League Details:

CCSL is offered as an open league. If your team is part of a Cal North affiliated club, you can play with Cal North, AYSO, USYS, and/or US Club passes for spring. Passes may not be mixed with the exception of Cal North and USYS passes. If, for example, you have a team that is playing with their Cal North passes, but you would like to guest a player from AYSO or US Club, you will need to have that player register as a Cal North player and present a Cal North pass in order to guest with the team.

Coaches and team Officials are required to complete the Cal North background check. Please visit the open league registration page for information and links for coach requirements.

Coaches background checked already through Cal North do not need to re-register.
Coaches with Cal North affiliated clubs should register through your club adult registration link.

Insurance Information: As an open league, we will accept AYSO, USYS, and/or US Club passes as verification of the player’s name, photo, and age. Teams without Cal North registration will pay an additional insurance fee when they apply. 7v7 = $150, 9v9 = $200, 11v11 = $200.

Teams must obtain Cal North insurance by submitting a spreadsheet with your team roster to Sonya Lee at slee@CalNorth.org.

Your Roster Spreadsheet must include:
Club and Team Names

Names of Coaches and Assistant Coaches

Player’s Name
Player’s Date of Birth
Player’s Address
Parent’s/Guardian’s Full Name

Any potential guests must be added to the insurance spreadsheet or they may not guest play.

Rosters and payment must be received prior to League acceptance

Questions? Email CoastDirector@CalNorth.org.