Spring Open Premier League

The Spring Open Premier League, an event meant to address the needs of many teams over the Spring and all the way through the Summer.

The League has already been populated with many of the CRL Fall League teams that pre-signed for Spring.

Tiered Pricing
The League is open to all ages – U8-U19 – Boys and Girls Gold and above level.

As players get older their Spring soccer-related (and other) activities increase. A short inexpensive Spring Regular Season option that can be expanded at no additional cost through the Summer is an excellent opportunity to customize your team schedule to match your specific needs.

U8-U10 – $100 – 8-10 games – 7v7 format
U10-U12 – $125 – 8-10 games – 9v9 format
U12-U15 – $200 – 8-10 games – 11v11 format
U16-U19 – $125 – 4-5 games
Additional At-large games – free

Playing Season
Basic/Regular Season will run end of March through mid-June. Extended schedule – mainly for At-Large games – may start as early as March 17th and go through end of July.

Undivided, inclusive League that crosses the boundaries of players registration – OPEN League – Additional insurance and adults background check (Livescan) required for non-CalNorth passes.

Any team is welcome to participate regardless of registration – The only restriction applies to mixing passes.

Flexible rosters – No guesting restrictions
Cal North registered teams may guest any Cal North registered player. USCS registered teams may guest any USCS registered player.

Extended playing opportunities
At-Large games may be scheduled through the end of July at no cost for the teams that committed to play the full League Season.

We encourage the high level teams to thoroughly evaluate our programs and apply.

Registration Deadline – March 5th

One Showcase per year – May 19/20, 2018 (Expanded CRL Showcase)

Teddy Ciupitu, CRL Technical Director of Operations – cnpremier@comcast.net – 650 796-7830