There are two main playing League Events designed for Premier level teams that run in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer playing seasons:

  1. California Regional League (CRL) – U13-U18
  2. Cal North Premier League (CNPL) – U12(11v11) – U19

Additionally, a flexible approach to create and enrich your team’s schedule is available through the At Large games option.

The At Large Games Option is a form of participation that provides teams with options to play additional or selective games. It can also be used to fulfill the National Cup requirements to play in a League in order to participate in Cal North State Cup.

At Large registration and participation is open throughout the year, in either Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer Season.

Teams that cannot commit to full League participation are welcome to take full advantage of the At Large Games Option.

The Cal North Premier At Large Games Option is available for any team at the Premier level. Teams that are registered in CRL or Premier Leagues are automatically eligible to play At Large games at no additional cost.

Other teams may still participate, but will need to pay a fee of $20/game played.  League enrolled teams will not pay extra for additional games.


Each playing season (Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer) is comprised of a Main portion and an Extension.  The Main portion will cover most of the games and the Extension will be a period during which teams can resolve conflicts generated by different High School schedules as well as continue playing against teams from within the whole CNPL on in At Large basis.

Fall/Winter – August through mid-March – Cal North Registered Teams

  • Main – End of August through mid-November
  • Extended – mid-November through mid-March

Spring/Summer – mid-March through mid-July – OPEN Format (Any USSF Affiliated Team)

  • Main – End of March through mid-June
  • Extended – mid-June through mid-July

Registration and Contact Information

Teddy Ciupitu, CRL Technical Director of Operations:

Phone: 650.796.7830


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The 2017 CRL Showcase is scheduled for May 20-21, 2017. Games between the best of northern California and southern California will be played at the Cherry Island Soccer Complex in Sacramento. Eligible age groups include boys U13-U19 boys and girls. Participation is capped at 100 teams.

Cal North Spring Open Premier (2017) – U8 through U19 Boys and Girls

Cal North is pleased to offer your teams the Spring Open Premier League, an event meant to address the needs of many teams over the Spring and all the way through the Summer.

Tiered Pricing

All U8-U19 teams are welcome to participate.  As players get older their Spring soccer-related (and other) activities increase.  A short inexpensive Spring Regular Season option that can be expanded at no additional cost through the Summer is an excellent opportunity to customize your team schedule to match your specific needs.

  • U8-U9 – $100 – 8-10 games – 7v7 format
  • U10-U11 – $125 – 8-10 games – 9v9 format
  • U12-U15 – $200 – 8-10 games – 11v11 format
  • U16-U19 – $125 – 4-5 games
  • Additional At-large games – free

Playing Season

Basic/Regular Season will run mid-March through mid-June.  Extended schedule – mainly for At-Large games – will start as early as March 14th and go through end of July.

Undivided, inclusive League that crosses the boundaries of players registration – OPEN League 

Any team is welcome to participate regardless of registration – The only restriction applies to mixing passes.

Flexible rosters – No guesting restrictions 

Cal North registered teams may guest any Cal North registered player.  USCS registered teams may guest any USCS registered player.

Extended playing opportunities

At-Large games may be scheduled through the end of July at no cost for the teams that committed to play the full League Season.

USYSA State Cup qualifier 

Any team that participates in the Spring Open Premier and plays 3 games using Cal North passes vs. Cal North registered teams will qualify to play the National Cup (Cal North State Cup is part of the National Cup).



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CRL offers our participants a very competitive Fall League with the following added benefits:   Teddy Ciupitu, CRL Technical Director of Operations:

  • Winners of the Fall CRL divisions will qualify as Wild Cards for USYSA National Cup Regionals;
  • CRL U14-U17 League winners qualify to play in the National League the following year.
  • CRL participants U15-U17 will be able to participate at no extra cost in the Expanded CRL Showcase (a North vs. South teams from all of the Far West Subregional Leagues);

CRL will be completed during the Fall/Winter Season.  Teams will play 7-11 games.

  • U13-U14, U18 – $300 Fall – add $100 for Spring Open Premier(Early Bird)
  • U15-U17 – $875, $100 Spring Open Premier(Early Bird) – Showcase vs. South included

Registration Deadline
July 13, 2016
Apply Online
Teams must have Cal North passes.
Roster max – 22 players
Guests allowed – 5 per game from within the Club
Open Substitution Rules
Acceptance qualifications
Any team is welcome to apply.  If not associated with Cal North, arrangements need to be made to obtain USYSA passes.
Limit – U13-U14 12 teams/division, U15-U18 – 8-12 teams/division
Overflow teams will be welcome to play in the Premier Division.
One Showcase per year hosted alternately by Cal South and Cal North.  For 2016/2017 season Cal North will host.  Tentative date – May 20/21, 2017 (Expanded CRL Showcase)