What is the Founders’ Cup?

Cal North Founders’ Cup is a cup competition created specifically for Cal North Recreational-level teams. The Founders’ Cup tournament operates in a format similar to the other Cal North Cups that were established for the Competitive-level teams (State Cup, Presidents Cup and Association Cup). All eligible Cal North Recreational teams may apply to participate in this tournament. The Cal North Founders’ Cup hosts brackets in the U12, U14, U16 and U19 age groups.


Who is eligible to attend the Cal North Founders’ Cup?

In order to participate in Founders’ Cup the team must be a Cal North registered Recreational team that competes in a recreational playing league hosted by an affiliated Cal North member league or a Cal North District. Founders’ Cup is for Recreational teams and players ONLY. Recreational teams and/or players that participated in Competitive playing leagues and/or tournaments are not eligible for Founders’ Cup. EXCEPTION: Recreational teams approved by the District Commissioner to compete in a tournament or in a playing league for Competitive teams in order to have a viable playing league may still be eligible to participate in Cal North Founders’ Cup. Players who were rostered on a Competitive-level team during the season are NOT eligible to participate on a Founder’s Cup team unless they have the prior authorization of their District Commissioner. Each team must have its roster approved by its Registrar(s) in order to complete their application for Founders’ Cup. The team must have an approved official Cal North roster to apply for Founders’ Cup and must have approved Cal North member passes with the Medical and Liability release on the reverse side of the member pass completed and signed before participation in Founders’ Cup. GOTSOCCER ROSTERS ARE NOT USED FOR THE CUP APPLICATION PROCESS OR AT ANY TIME THROUGHOUT CAL NORTH CUP. ONLY THE OFFICIAL CYSA CAL NORTH ROSTER IS ACCEPTED.


What is the roster submittal requirement?

In order to apply and participate, the official team roster must be approved in the Cal North Data Management System by the team’s Registrar. Draft rosters are not acceptable If the team does not already have a roster that has been approved by the registrar they should email their League registrar or District Registrar in order to obtain an approved roster.


Can I make changes to my roster before attending Founders’ Cup?

Teams can continue to make roster changes after they apply to a Cal North Cup. The team roster “freezes” on the Tuesday prior to the cup’s scheduled start date but all changes must be submitted to the Registrar on the Friday prior to the roster being frozen. During the season Cal North allows up to 5 inter league transfers per team (players moving from one league’s roster to another league’s roster), an unlimited number of intra league transfers (players moving from one roster to another within the same league and considered to be a “club pass”) and an unlimited number of added players (players not on a Cal North roster this season. Although there is no freeze date for adding or deleting registered team officials (coaches, assistant coaches, managers, etc.) all player movement on and off the roster will stop on the freeze date. Throughout all roster changes, a team must retain a core of 9 players from their league roster to the Cup roster. Teams may roster no more than 22 players with no more than 18 players being eligible to participate in each game. Teams should contact their league registrars for guidance regarding roster changes and/or the timeline for submitting roster changes to the League and/or District prior to the roster freeze deadline.


Are Guest Players permitted?

A team may have up to five guest players for Founders’ Cup.  A guest player must be rostered on an approved Cal North roster and have a Cal North member pass  with the Medical and Liability release on the reverse side of the member pass completed and signed participation in Founders’ Cup.


When does the Cal North Founders’ Cup take place?

The Founders’ Cup calendar can be located on the Cal North website.


What is the format of the Cal North Founders’ Cup?

Applications will be accepted until brackets are filled or until the application deadline, whichever comes first.  Brackets will be filled on a first-applied, first-accepted basis once the online registration and payment in full has been received at the Cal North office. Teams are placed into brackets by modified blind draw. During the preliminary round play, teams will play round-robin against the other teams in their bracket. Bracket winners will advance to the championship round.  Founders’ Cup competition will be completed in one weekend. In the event of weather-related field cancellations, the games may be postponed to alternate weekends and/or relocated to venues where the conditions allow play to continue.


Where are the games held?

We attempt to schedule games at centrally located venues, however Cal North Founders’ Cup tournament is a Northern California-wide event and therefore games could be hosted by any of the nine Districts within Cal North’s territorial area (see the map of Cal North territory on the Cal North website) and teams should be prepared to travel anywhere within this area. In the spirit of promoting more events for recreational soccer, Cal North makes every attempt to schedule the Founders’ Cup events at centralized venues such as the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center, Cherry Island Soccer Complex near Sacramento, and Mistlin Soccer Park in Ripon. Keep in mind that weather and other unforeseen factors can affect scheduling.


What cost is associated with the Cal North Founders Cup Tournament?

The Founders’ Cup entry fee is $525. The entry fee covers the costs of facility rental, field preparation, referees, support staff, awards, and other associated costs. Any cup-related costs incurred by the team for transportation, lodging, food, etc. are the responsibility of the team members.


What are the dates/deadlines associated with attending Founders’ Cup?

In order to be considered for Founders’ Cup teams must complete an application which includes three components: (1) event registration (online entry which can be accessed on the Cal North website’s Founders’ Cup page); (2) entry fees (can be paid online with a credit card or e-check during the application process or sent via check/money order and (3) verification of an official team roster that has been approved by the team’s Registrar in the Cal North registration database. TEAMS DO NOT NEED TO SEND THE ROSTER. CAL NORTH CUP STAFF WILL CONFIRM THE ROSTER IN THE DATABASE.  Applications will be accepted until brackets are filled or until the published application deadline, whichever comes first.  Brackets will be filled on a first-applied, first-accepted basis once the online registration and payment in full has been received at the Cal North office


 What level of competition can a team expect to experience in Cal North Founders’ Cup?

Because of the definition of how recreational teams are formed, a Recreational team’s chance of being competitive may improve as the season progresses. There are many intangible and variable factors that contribute to the success of each team. Teams in Founders’ Cup will compete against other Recreational teams from throughout Northern California. The random draw for placing teams in brackets is modified so that teams play against teams from districts other than their own (except in the case where there are more teams from one district than there are brackets, in which case two teams from that district may be in a bracket). Players and coaches will have the opportunity to experience competition against recreational teams from other areas in Cal North. This is an opportunity to test the players’ skills against opposing teams that they are playing, very often for the first time ever as well as an opportunity for teams to observe and learn from other players/teams, to enhance their development, and to measure their own skills against other recreational teams from across the state. As teams seek to be the one team to win the championship in their age group in this challenging and fun-filled format, players and families can see first-hand their progress. For many teams the Founders’ Cup is the culmination of their season.