What is the Junior Cup Festival?

Cal North Junior Cup Festival is an event established to introduce teams of all levels to the Cal North Cup Series. The Festival operates in a format similar to the other Cal North Cups but the difference is that it is an “Invitational” event. Teams will be selected by their District to participate in the following divisions of play:

  • U10 and U12 Recreational Division (Founders’ Cup Division)
  • U9, U10, U11 and U12 Entry / Mid-Level Competitive Division (Association Cup Division)
  • U9, U10, U11 and U12 Advanced Level Competitive Division (State Cup Division)

Who is eligible to attend the Cal North Junior Cup Festival?

Junior Cup Festival is an invitational event with first priority being assigned to teams designated or selected by the team’s District. In order to participate in Junior Cup Festival the team must be a Cal North registered team in the U9-U12 age groups that competed in an approved playing league hosted by a CYSA Cal North, a Cal North District or an affiliated member league.  Vacant slots in the brackets will be filled by applicant teams that have not been selected or designated by their District on a first applied, first accepted basis.

Only teams that are defined as Recreational and compete in a playing league for recreational teams are eligible to participate in Founders’ Cup Division of Junior Cup Festival. Unless granted a specific exception in writing by their District Commissioner in accordance with Cup rules, teams and/or players that participated in Competitive playing leagues and/or tournaments are not eligible for the Founders’ Cup Division of Junior Cup. Players who were rostered on a Competitive-level team during the season are NOT eligible to participate on a team playing in the Founders’ Cup Division of Junior Cup.  Teams and players that participated in a playing league for Silver Elite, Silver, Bronze, Copper or Recreational teams are eligible to play in the Association Cup Division of Junior Cup. Teams and/or players that participated in Premier or Gold divisions of Cal North sanctioned playing leagues are not eligible for the Founders’ Cup Division or the Association Cup Division of Junior Cup. The State Cup Division of Jr Cup is open to all Competitive and Recreational teams and players but is recommended for teams that played in a Premier or Gold level playing league.

When does the Junior Cup Festival take place?

The Junior Cup Festival calendar can be located on the Junior Cup Festival page of the Cal North website. All dates are subject to change for circumstances beyond the control of the Cup organizers. In 2016 it is planned for the weekend of December 10-11.

What is the format of the Cal North Junior Cup Festival? 

Junior Cup Festival is an invitational event with a limited number of teams being accepted in each age/gender/division as per the approved District qualification/selection process. Any U9-U12 CYSA Cal North registered team that has an approved roster and member passes may apply online, however teams that have been selected and/or qualified by their District to participate in Junior Cup Festival will be given first priority when accepting applications. Teams selected by their District will also need to submit an online application. Teams will then be placed by means of a modified blind draw into age group/ gender brackets for that division for which they applied. During the preliminary round play, teams will play round-robin against the other teams in the bracket. Teams winning their bracket will qualify to advance to the single elimination games. U9 and U10 teams will play in a 7 v 7 format.  U11 and U12 teams will play in a 9 v 9 format.  In the event of weather-related field cancellations, the games may be postponed to alternate weekends or sometimes relocated to venues where the conditions allow play to continue.

Where are the Cal North Junior Cup Festival games held?

We plan to hold Junior Cup Festival at the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center and at Cherry Island Soccer Complex.  Teams will play all of their preliminary round games at one complex. Keep in mind that weather and other unforeseen factors can affect scheduling.

What cost is associated with the Cal North Junior Cup Festival Tournament?

The entry fee is $325. The entry fee covers the costs of facility rental, field preparation, referees, support staff, awards, and other associated costs. Any cup-related costs incurred by the team for transportation, lodging, food, etc. are the responsibility of the team members.

What are the dates/deadlines associated with attending Cal North Junior Cup Festival?

Applications must be completed online in the GotSoccer system no later than November 15, 2016. First priority will be given to the District-designated teams.  Remaining bracket vacancies will be filled with non-designated teams on a first applied, first selected basis.

What is the roster submittal requirement?

The official team rosters must be approved in the Cal North Data Management System by their Registrar. If the team does not already have a roster that has been approved by the registrar they should email their League registrar or District Registrar for specific timelines and deadlines that must be met in order to obtain an approved roster by the applicable Junior Cup Festival application deadline.

Can I make changes to my roster before attending Junior Cup Festival?

Teams can continue to make roster changes after they apply to a Cal North Cup. The team roster “freezes” at the time the team checks in with Cal North Cup staff before their first game of the Junior Cup Festival, however during the season Cal North allows up to 5 inter league transfers per team (players moving from one league’s roster to another league’s roster), an unlimited number of intra league transfers (players moving from one roster to another within the same league and considered to be a “club pass”) and an unlimited number of added players (players not on a Cal North roster this season. Although there is no freeze date for adding or deleting registered team officials (coaches, assistant coaches, managers, etc.) all player movement on and off the roster will stop on the freeze date. Teams may have a maximum of 18 rostered players. Teams should contact their league registrars for guidance regarding roster changes and/or the timeline for submitting roster changes to the league and/or district prior to the roster freeze deadline.

Interested in Participating?

If your team is interested in applying to Cal North Junior Cup Festival first confirm that you have enough players who are committed to participate on all of the dates that are noted on the Cup calendar. If not, you may want to consider transferring or adding players to supplement the roster.