Cal North is going green in the Tournament Program! The Tournament Committee is proud to announce the New On-Line Application to Host and Approval Process. This new process will expedite the approval process by using an on-line program that will also automatically log all approved events on to the Cal North Tournament Calendar with the touch of a button upon approval.

Before you begin the application process, please download and read The Cal North Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

STEP 1: Click Create Application to Host a Cal North Tournament. There is specific information on the application that you may want to have before you begin.

  • League (not club) President Name (required)
  • League President’s email address (required)

You will be asked to complete all portions of the application before it can be submitted. Please check all your information for accuracy as this exact information is what will be posted on the Tournament Calendar.

STEP 2: Once you complete all portions make sure on the last frame you click Print Receipt and Pre-filled Form. This will give you a receipt that you submitted that application and a hard copy of your application for your records.

What happens next?

Once you have completed the application and retrieved your receipt, your application is now in the Cal North system. The system will automatically generate an email to the league President for their approval and copied to the Cal North office. When your League President opens the email and approves the event (this is in place of the signature on the hard copy), the system will automatically generate emails to the appropriate coordinators for final approval. Once the event has final approval, it will be automatically loaded on to the Tournament Calendar.

For Additional Information Please Contact:
Cal North Support Staff:
Joyce Bordley
925.426.5437 x 19