2016-2017 Champions Crowned in Cal North Founders’ Cup

Cal North Founders’ Cup for Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19 Recreational teams took place October 29-30 on a weekend that experienced a full spectrum of weather.

Saturday’s temperate climate made for a great first day of play with blue skies mingled with periods of clouds, but not a drop of rain. Sunday brought more intensity to the Cherry Island Soccer Sports Complex in both weather conditions and competition. Despite the 2-hour monsoon that swept through the venue midway through Sunday’s competition, the liquid sunshine had taken a breather by the time championship games were completed, and awards were handed out and team photos were captured.

Cal North proudly announces the following champions and finalists:


Under 14 Girls Anderson The Fire District 9
Under 16 Girls Roosevelt Revolution JQ District 7
Under 19 Girls Selma United District 7
Under 14 Boys Selma Jamay FC 03 District 7
Under 16 Boys Roosevelt Revolution VF District 7
Under 19 Boys Selma Atletico 99 District 7


Under 14 Girls Selma Atletico RZ03 District 7
Under 16 Girls West Sacramento Diamonds District 6
Under 19 Girls Fresno North Skinner District 7
Under 14 Boys Selma Atletico DZ04 District 7
Under 16 Boys Elk Grove Warriors District 6
Under 19 Boys Roosevelt Revolution MM District 7

Thank you to all of the teams, players and families that supported the newly implemented October time-frame for the Founders’ Cup event. We hope to continue to grow the event and we look forward to welcoming even more teams in 2017!


  1. Robert says:

    You need to do a better job of vetting of so called rec teams. D7’s Revolution, Jamay, athletico are all try out comp teams. All teams in District 7 register as rec due to D7 commissioner on going feud with Calnorth. It makes a mockery of one of the few “rec” tournaments left.

    1. Cal North Soccer says:

      Thank you Robert! We are currently working on this.

    2. Michelle says:

      The Anderson Fire is a TRUE rec team, and they beat a Selma Atletico D7 team to win the championship. There are some very good real rec teams out there!

      1. Yes there are some good rec teams, congratulations. Anyone that takes down a sandbaged comp team has my respect.

    3. Richard says:

      I agree, there are way too many tryout teams that make it through. In Athletico’s case, its very suspicious with the amount of their teams making the finals. I doubt very many people would buy that they are true rec teams.

  2. Bobbie says:

    I am just curious to know what the driving factors were for implementing the October time-frame for these age groups? Our league’s Recreational teams play through October for those age groups…

  3. Susie Leiffer says:

    ALSO: You really need to give medals or something for 3rd place winners, really sad the girls didn’t get anything…

  4. Caroline says:

    I would to like to say that we had a great time watching all of the teams that entered the event. We witnessed great sportsmanship by several of the coaching staffs, I think that those who don’t believe that there was some adove par games they are just as deceiving as those they are throwing under a bus!!! We really enjoyed the event great venue great food and just an all around fun weekend!!! Even though we got really wet!!!

  5. Diego says:

    It baffles me that a lot of this talk leads to yet still a competitive atmosphere. I strongly believe that this is a problem that will never be resolved due to the fact that every match is a competition there will be a winner and a loser. That is reality!!! Now the formation of teams varies from league to league… I can honestly say that I hold a sign up day and we go from there.i been blessed we the parents and kids that want to play for my team, I feel blessed that I have shown the parents that their kids can have a place to enjoy the worlds game…. we were successful at this event but I believe that I showed good sportsmanship as we played one team that only showed up with 9 players and we played with only 9. To make it a 9v9 start the referee actually asked at the start of the game that I only had 9 players on the field and I was missing 2 players I turned and asked my team who was missing? And they told the referee that we were there to make it fun,, the referee said that in the 13 years of refereeing he had never seen a coach do that in a tournament!!! Even the referees are competitive?? All that being said I think that everyone should look deep down inside themselves and evaluate their love of the game vs. winning!! We enjoyed our time as a CYSA member at this event!!!!

  6. Liz Elmore says:

    Richard said it best… Look at the lopsided scores, it is hard to score on any Roosevelt team.

  7. Julian Luna says:

    Those Roosevelt teams should not be allowed to play under that word “Recreation”. Except for The
    Anderson girls, no one was even close to giving any Roosevelt team a real game…Now I know why you lose on having more teams sign up to play in Founders Cup.

  8. Emanuel Garcia says:

    You lose a lot of true rec. teams applying to play in Founders Cup due to those D7 Roosevelt teams.
    No team wants to go play knowing they can’t compete, and will lose by a lopsided score. The Roosevelt teams scores posted show how much better they are then all the true rec. teams, minus Anderson of course… Congrats to Anderson for taking that comp. team down…
    Hope there will be changes done to fix the problem with D7, until then, please look at it from all the teams that were trying to have fun, and were sent home losing to D7 Roosevelt 9-0, 10-0 and didn’t score period!

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