2016 CCSL Team Applications Are Open

Spring Team Applications Are Open. Deadline is February 26

Spring 2016 Cal North Competitive Soccer League (CCSL), your Cal North copper through gold league, is just around the corner. Spring is a developmental season with more liberal guest player rules from fall. Brackets are primarily self-seeding. Teams should request the bracket that best reflects the developmental goals of the team for the season. There will be no awards for spring standings.

Open League: If your team is part of a Cal North affiliated club, you can play with either Cal North passes or US Club passes for spring only. This is the perfect time for your team to check out the competition in CCSL.

To Apply: Please fill out the GotSoccer team application form for the Cal North District where you register.

You will need your existing GotSoccer team account username and password to enter the form. Do not create a new account if you have at least 7 returning players from fall. New teams should ask their Club administrator to set up their new GotSoccer Team account before applying.

The application will ask for information about your team. Please provide information that will assist us in placing your team in the most appropriate bracket. For example, if your team has one or two players only that push your team to an older age group, let us know that the majority of your players are young. If you have recently reorganized the team, and it is truly a new team of no more than 7 returning players, please call this out and apply with a new team account. Bracketing begins immediately after the registration deadline, so the more information you give us in your application, the better.

Please provide two separate contacts for each team. The contact information provided is the only contact information we will use to communicate important league information to the teams.


Teams should apply to the age group of the OLDEST player on the team.

For teams with players born in 2002 and older only, Please apply with your current 2015/16 age group. These age groups will continue to be grouped based on the academic/school year for spring.

For teams with 2003 players and younger, please apply to the appropriate age group based on your OLDEST player. These age groups will be grouped by calendar year. The mix of ages (you do not have to have an age pure team) will be at the discretion of the club/team, but teams will be placed by the age of the OLDEST player with no exceptions. No players may play down in age.

For more information on the age groups and how they are calculated, review this recent post on CCSL’s Transition to New Standards Beginning in 2016 Spring League.

After you apply, check your application on GotSoccer.

Email any problems or changes to: ValleyDirector@calnorth.org before February 26th.

Rosters: Teams may participate with their fall 2014 rosters or with “Secondary” Rosters. A Secondary Roster may consist of previously registered players from different Cal North teams and/or newly registered players, so teams with early tryouts can use their new players for spring league.

Fees: CCSL fees and how they are collected will depend upon your District. Teams that pay their registration fee directly may pay by credit card. Teams that pay fees through their club should select the option “fee paid by my club” on the application. Your club will then be billed. This payment method is only available for those clubs that have previously arranged to be invoiced for team fees. Clubs will be charged for all teams that have applied the day after the registration deadline of February 26.

Spring 2016 Registration Timeline for Coast/Bay CCSL:

Applications Close: February 26

Brackets Posted: March 7

Preliminary Schedules: March 18

Season Opens: April 2

Our goal is to schedule 8 games. This could vary by bracket and number of teams.

Games will be played on Saturday’s depending on home field availability.


Potential Playdates:

No Games March 26 and 27 Easter Weekend

April 2 and 3

April 9 and 10

April 16 and 17

April 23 and 24

April 30 and May 1

May 7 and 8

May 14 and 15

May 21 and 22

No Games May 28 and 29 Memorial Day Weekend

League Information: CCSL provides a playing league for Cal North teams in the copper through gold levels. We have had over 1000 teams participate in the past several seasons. Teams at the highest competitive level (premier) are encouraged to apply to the California Regional League (CRL) which offers interactive competitions with top teams from Cal South. CRL is a separate Cal North playing league and requires a separate application. CCSL and CRL are qualifying Leagues for Cal North Cups competitions, including State Cup and President’s Cup, which are qualifiers for US Youth Soccer’s National Championship Competitions.

Program Contact Information:

Metro Section/Valley Region Cal North Competitive Soccer League (CCSL) Copper – Gold

Contact: Dino Reali, email: ValleyDirector@calnorth.org

Cal North Premier League and Cal North California Regional League (CRL)

Contact: Teddy Ciupitu, email: CNPremier@comcast.net


Cal North CCSL Director, Bruce Sillars CCSLDirector@calnorth.org

Looking forward to another great season for the Metro Section CCSL!


  1. Mas says:

    How do we become an affiliated club? We have been all over the website but cannot find any info regarding that.

    1. You can find info on the affiliation process here – http://calnorth.org/become-an-affiliated-league/, but you’ll need to work with the District Commissioner in your area to complete the process.

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