CCSL Spring 2016 Season Small Sided Games

On September 13, the Cal North Board of Directors adopted the US Soccer initiatives on small sided games for younger players. The decision puts the new standards in place effective for the Fall Season, 2016 for all State level, District Level and Intra League play.

Cal North will also adopt the change to birth year registration beginning with the Fall 2016 season. CCSL Spring League will use the current team registration calendar.

To assist Cal North Clubs and teams in the transition to the new standards, CCSL will adopt modified standards for teams currently playing 8v8 Small Sided games for the CCSL Spring 2016 Season.

Please note that the goal sizes and field sizes listed are the new US Soccer Standards for playing games and should be considered maximums.

Cal North and CCSL understand that Clubs have a substantial investment in goals and fields. While we believe that Clubs should work to provide game fields consistent with the new US Soccer standards, Clubs may continue using goals currently in use for CCSL 8v8 games and existing fields for CCSL League games even if they are slightly larger than the US Soccer Standards. Where appropriate, clubs may reduce the size of fields for 7v7 games using low flexible cones.

CCSL Spring League Standards



US Soccer Standards to be Implemented August 2016