How to Run a Successful Fundraiser with Tempercraft

With good planning and execution, fundraising can be the centerpiece of your league or club’s ability to generate new revenue.

Below are five steps to making your fundraiser this year a success that we’ve learned through the years.

Step 1: The Planning Stages

The success of any fundraising campaigning can often be predicted by the amount of planning that went into the execution of the campaign. When you decide to start your fundraiser you need to have an understanding of your members’ needs and wants. The key questions you need to ask yourselves are (1) Why are we fundraising? And (2) What do we want to accomplish or what are our goals? Knowing the answer to these two key questions will help you build and present your fundraiser to your members as well as setup some realistic goals.

Step 2: The Offer

Your members are your fans and your supporters. They like what you do and want to help, but sometimes they just can’t. So how do you convince those people to give you a donation? The best way to do that is to offer them something for something else. This isn’t the same as selling them a product, but instead a gift of gratitude. A gift that you can provide them in exchange for their support not only satisfies the need to get something in return, it also affords you an opportunity to remind your members what you are about.

Step 3: Putting your Brand and Goals Front and Center

The best gifts raise money for your organization, but also are a platform to present your brand. All great gifts share a couple common traits: (1) They insert your brand into the daily lives of your members, (2) They are useful and not something that gets lost in a closet, (3) They remind your members of what they did. This is your chance to be creative, but we did want to offer one suggestion. One of our favorite gifts is Tempercraft’s bottles and drinkware. Here’s why they are a good example:

Tempercraft’s bottles can be purchased in bulk reducing overall costs for your organization, which means you get to keep more of your member’s donation. They are also just an overall fantastic item that can be branded with your logo. Lastly, in the soccer world, drinkware consists of the types of items that are constantly used not only during practice and competitions, but also off-the pitch and at work or school. So they’ll be carried by players, coaches, and parents and server as the constant reminder of what they did. Check out what’s possible with Tempercraft on their website.

Step 3: The Soft Launch

The soft launch is your testing ground that gives you an opportunity to test how well prepared you are and also allows you to grow some momentum. Ideally, you’ll want to launch the fundraiser with a select group of supporters, e.g. your board members, or maybe your coaching staff. The key things you’ll want to observe is how well your offer is received and what might need to change in terms of messaging. Having a strong small group that supports your cause allows the fundraiser to grow organically, but is also key in terms of feedback and further improving the fundraiser.

Step 4: Going Live With you Entire Membership

Campaign Visibility is the key point here. You’ll want to use all communication channels to get your fundraiser in front of everyone regularly. The best way to start is by preparing a landing page on your website (or using Tempercraft’s custom landing page) the describes what the fundraiser is, its purpose, how the funds raised will help you accomplish your goals, and what your members need to do to participate. Once you have a home for info regarding your fundraiser, you’ll want to spread the word via social media. Include all social media channels so that you engage as many users as possible.

You’ll also want to tailor your message to the type of audiences on those channels. Your younger users will be on Snapchat and Instagram, with parents on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. Don’t forget Google+ either which will email your followers reminders of what you’ve posted. Every post you create should include an image, and must absolutely include a link to your fundraiser’s landing page. Be creative with your posts, experiment and interact with your supporters.

Lastly, email is still one of the most effective ways to engage your membership. Using Cal North’s new registration system, you can now email all your parents and players and invite them to participate.

Step 5: The Follow Up

You’ll want to share your success story. The positive reinforcement makes your offer more attractive and urgent. It gives you another opportunity to share your message and to build community along the way. This should be completed incrementally, with success stories throughout the fundraiser that highlight milestones, and as a final follow up to all contributors.

With these five simple steps in mind you’ll have a solid fundraiser!

If you are interested in learning more about Tempercraft contact Kevin Vella, Tempercraft Sales & Marketing, by emailing or calling 503-678-9338. Tempercraft can support your fundraisers in two different ways. Orders can either: 1) be taken on pre-prepared order forms created, collected, and then sent to for processing and delivery; or 2) Tempercraft can create your landing page on their website that would be specific for the fundraiser. The landing can be used to process through the site at a predetermined retail price. A check would be paid at the end of the program for the difference in the retail price for the bottles and fundraising price you would pay. Check out their catalog for offer ideas.


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