Spring 2017 CCSL Offered as Open League.

If you are looking for an opportunity to play against other high caliber teams in your area, then you need to consider CCSL’s Spring 2017 Open League.

If your team is part of a Cal North affiliated club, you can play with Cal North, AYSO, USYS, and/or US Club passes for spring against a variety of teams. Passes may not be mixed with the exception of Cal North and USYS passes.  For example, if you have a team that is playing with their Cal North passes, but you would like to guest a player from AYSO or US Club, you will need to have that player register as a Cal North player, and present a Cal North pass in order to guest with the team.

Insurance Information:  As an open league, we will accept Cal North, AYSO, USYS, and/or US Club passes as verification of the player’s name, photo, and age. Each soccer organization should provide coverage to the individual player to play in the open league, but if there is any question of this, we have a simple way to obtain Cal North insurance for your team for $10.50 per player.  Teams can obtain Cal North insurance by submitting a spreadsheet to Debbie Alvarez at dalvarez@calnorth.org with the following information:

Players Name
Players Date of Birth
Players Address
Parents/Guardians Full Name

*This information, along with payment, must be submitted prior to the start of the season.

US Club has stated that they will not provide insurance coverage for their registered teams participating in non US Club leagues.  Teams and/or players that choose not to obtain the Cal North insurance option would not have any medical coverage Provided by Cal North during league play.

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