The Safety of Our Players Is Our Number One Job

It was a rainy December Saturday morning in Iowa. The kids were asleep and Jen was reading the local newspaper. The headline included a story about an arrest made earlier in the week.

Jen lived in a town that saw a few fights, sometimes car accidents, but never arrests because of harm done to children. In this case, a youth soccer coach was arrested for accusations that made Jen sick to her stomach. The article mentioned the coach had a prior arrest for the same charges in a different part of the state. She didn’t know the coach, but was still very upset. About then, her husband Sam came into the kitchen. For the past 3 months, Sam coached soccer for their two kids Amanda and Ben. Jen asked Sam about him becoming a coach as the newspaper article talked about ‘background checks’. Sam said that the club did not require him to do anything except fill out a form saying he had not been arrested in the past.

Cal North is in the youth soccer business. This means we are responsible for all aspects that relate to kids playing soccer in our organization…which include the players, the coaches, the balls, the fields, the referees, and the administrators. First and foremost on that list are our kids. Our number one job is the safety of our players and your children. We spare no expense and stop at no challenge when it comes to protecting your kids from all dangers. This includes mandatory background checks for all adults associated with Cal North Soccer.

The comprehensive Risk Management Background Check system used by Cal North includes the following features:

  1. The identification is verified by fingerprints. They cannot lie. This is a much more accurate and safe process than date of birth or social security computer matching used by other organizations.
  2. It checks criminal history directly from the Department of Justice, The only official source for criminal history for all counties in California, not a public database giving you un verified data.
  3. It checks both the public and law enforcement sides of the sex offender registry (Megan’s Law).
  4. Subsequent arrest notifications are in real time. If an adult is charged with a crime, we are notified immediately and your children are kept safe.

The Cal North Risk Management Background Check system is recognized as the most complete and comprehensive program in the industry. This recognition lets parents know that the safety of their children is the number one concern to all of us. This recognition lets coaches and DOC’s know that the soccer organization they represent takes child safety very seriously. And this recognition lets soccer leagues and clubs know that membership in Cal North includes the highest level of background review possible.

Jen and Sam are raising kids in a difficult time. Cal North is trying to help all like Jen and Sam and Amanda and Ben enjoy a safe, healthy, and fun youth soccer experience.


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