US Soccer’s Recommendations on Field Changes and Roster Sizes

With the Fall Season quickly approaching, youth soccer across the nation is preparing to transition to small sided games as mandated by US Soccer.

Small sided games will encourage an environment of constant play, allowing more opportunities for tactical decision making and touches on the ball. All players will benefit from these changes, but change is always difficult and presents unique challenges for clubs and leagues that must plan fields, schedules and answer questions from parents and coaches.

Cal North understands the diversity of leagues and clubs across northern California and the unique challenges each of our affiliated leagues will face as they transition to small sided games. Although plans for the Fall playing season may have already been finalized by your organizations, we hope to continue providing you with useful information that can be utilized as a guide for recreational play and future improvements.

The below standards were recently announced by US Soccer as recommendations for small sided games. These recommendations are based on the input from US Soccer’s Youth Member’s Technical Leadership group, and feedback provided by Directors of Coaches. Please, note Cal North’s maximum roster size limitations have not changed and these are recommendations only.

Age Game Field Size
Length Range (yards)
Field Size
Width Range (yards)
Roster Size
U64v425-3515-25No more than 6*
U74v425-3515-25No more than 6*
U84v425-3515-25No more than 6*
U97v755-6535-45No more than 12
U107v755-6535-45No more than 12
U119v970-8045-55No more than 16
U129v970-8045-55No more than 16
* 4v4 soccer is meant to be played in a less structured environment in order to maximize fun and participation; thus, players eight-years-old and younger should play without formal teams and rosters. Conducting play through in-house programs with flexible and fluid teams is the best approach.
We hope you join Cal North in supporting small sided games and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

For more information on US Soccer’s Recommendations, please see the below resources:


  1. Neil Hanlan says:

    What are the new dimensions for field sizes? It gives the max/min dimns, but does not give goal and penalty area sizes, center circle size, or whether there is to be a “Build Line”, and where it is to be placed. Please clarify.

    1. Hi Neil – The presentation linked in the article contains the info you are looking for. We also have a slide show we put together that you can find here , that might help. It’s the same info in US Soccer’s presentation.

  2. Ken Moberg says:

    I read the US Soccer presentation. My biggest questions come from the 7v7 section about the build out lines. Are these going to be marked on the field? Has this been passed down to the referees at the club level? Does the ‘no GK punt’ rule apply to 9v9? If so, what is the build out line for 9v9?

    1. At this time, your League and/or District will be setting policy for build out lines.

  3. Neil Hanlan says:

    There are discrepancies between the field sizes shown above ie U10- 55/65 x 35/45, and the Player Development Initiative given as 47 x 30 MAX. Which are we to use?, and as it is now mandated, are the dimensions given in either [you decide and tell us], to be used in all competitive games, tournaments, District Cups etc?

    1. Hi Neil – US Soccer has updated their Player Development Initiatives document. Please take a look and let us know if you have any other questions. The post above has been updated with thisnew link.

  4. West Sac Soccer says:

    Can you please edit this to include yards? The jokers in our league made fields 25×35 feet for our games today. smh

    1. Hi West Sac Soccer! Thanks for the question. It should have been made more clear, but field dimensions are in yards. 25×35 yards is the correct field size for U6-U8.

  5. I need a diagram for 7 v 7. In particular is there a goal box at 5 yards or ? same question regarding penalty box do I set this at the 36 or 42. Is there and ARC on top etc…. is goal size 18.5 X 6.5? I own and have several clients doing different designs I’d like to do the US soccer standard. I have found complete diagram for 9 v9 and of course 11 v 11 but really need a complete diagram for 7 v 7 and even 4 v 4. BTW all measurements should be in feet. You play in Yards but NOBODY measures anything in yards, we measure in FEET. : )

  6. Manuel Murguia says:

    What is the field size for U9 7v7? I get to different dimensions on the chart on This page. Is it 45×35
    Or 65×55? Also do we use buildup lines, and do we Mark the small, and the big box in the penalty area? Thanks in advance!

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