If you have questions to vacant positions, please direct your emails to your District Commissioner.

Assistant Commissioners (District)

District I Asst. CommissionerCary Jones  
District II Asst. CommissionerBob Joyce  
District III Asst. CommissionerKamal Della  
District IV Asst. CommissionerRay Suey  
District VI Asst. CommissionerDanny Marquez  
District VI Asst. CommissionerMark Lloret  
District VII Asst. CommissionerLinda SoRelle  
District VIII Asst. CommissionerHervi Rualo  
District IX Asst. CommissionerCraig Sannebeck  

CCSL Committee

District II CCSL RepSandra Todd  
District III CCSL RepMike Hapiuk 
District V CCSL RepJohn Quinn  
District VI CCSL RepDino Reali  
District VIII CCSL RepMichelle Lewis  
District IX CCSL RepMichael Massa  

CCSL Directory

CCSL Director of OperationsBruce Sillars  
Coast Asst. DirectorSonya Lee  
Valley Asst. DirectorDino Reali  
Valley Ref AdminLarry Svetich  

Coaching Committee

Committee Chairman - CoachingSal Blanco  
Programs ManagerJoyce Bordley  
District I CoachingJoey Almeida 
District III CoachingKamal Della  
District V CoachingPeter Shepard  
District VI CoachingLinda Padilla  
District VII CoachingMike Hodges  
District VIII CoachingBrian Orr  
District IX CoachingRon Davis  

Cup Committee Directory

Association Cup DirectorBarry Comerford  
ChairmanLarry Svetich  
Founders' Cup DirectorGloria Dorris  
Programs ManagerKathi Killion  
District II CommissionerLela Huenergardt  
District III Cup RepFernando Colmenares  
District IV Cup RepRay Suey  
District V Cup RepLuigi Cervone  
District VI RepSue Lankford  
District VI RepMindy Loret  
District VII Cup RepLinda SoRelle  
District VIII Cup RepSue Gonzales  
District IX Cup RepCraig Sannebeck  

Field Development

Co-ChairmanRich McClure  
Co-ChairmanTony Oliveira  

ODP Committee

Programs ManagerJoyce Bordley  
District III ODPKamal Della  
District V ODPRaul Ramos  
District VIII ODPSue Gonzales  

Recreation Committee

Committee Chairman - RecreationHervi Rualo  
Programs ManagerJoyce Bordley  
District I RecreationKrysta Jenkins 
District II RecreationNiranjan Gupta 
District III RecreationKamal Della  
District VI RecreationDanny Marquez  
District VI RecreationCecilia Casagrande 
District VII RecreationKarl Dewazien  
District VIII RecreationJack Smith 
District IX RecreationRon Davis  

Referee Administrator (Youth)

Committee Chairman & State Youth Referee AdministratorSteve Larsen  
Programs ManagerKathi Killion  
District I RefereeJeff Yap 
District II RefereeScott Riegelhaupt-Herzig  
District III RefereeTom Kendig  
District V Referee (South)Mark Allen  
District VI RefereeChuck Pirone  
District VI RefrereeBill Hall  
District VII RefereePat Ferre  
District VIII RefereeLou Toste  
District VIII RefereeBill Arriola  
District IX RefereeKen Corbelli  

Registration and Credentials

Committee ChairmanMelinda Rainville  
District I RegistrarMary K. Miller  
District II, III, IV and V RegistrarEmanuel Lusca  
District VI RegistrarSally Miller 
District VII RegistrarShirley Thompson  
District VIII RegistrarShannon Gonzalez  
District IX RegistrarHeather Bronze  

Rules and Revisions Committee

Committee ChairmanShirley Thompson  
District I Rules and RevisionsCary Jones  
District II Rules and RevisionsMelinda Rainville  
District V Rules and RevisionsLuigi Cervone  
District VI Rules and RevisionsStephanie Henkel  
District VII Rules and RevisionsLinda SoRelle  
District VIII Rules and RevisionsPeter Kilpatrick  
District IX Rules and RevisionsCraig Sannebeck  


District I SecretaryCary Jones  
District II SecretaryJill Baldwinson  
District III SecretaryKathi Killion  
District V SecretaryPamela Wiley  
District VI SecretaryMindy Lloret  
District VII TreasurerGladys Olsen  
District VIII SecretaryLeann Hatler  
District IX SecretaryAngie Sannebeck  

Soccer Across America

Committee Chairman - Soccer Across AmericaPat & Paul Hodges  
District I Soccer Across AmericaKrysta Jenkins 
District III Soccer Across AmericaKamal Della  
District IV Soccer Across AmericaRay Suey  
District VII Soccer Across AmericaKarl Dewazien  
District VIII Soccer Across AmericaJack Smith 
District IX Soccer Across AmericaRon Davis  

TOPSoccer Committee

Committee ChairmanCheryl Russell  
Programs ManagerJoyce Bordley  
District I TOPSoccerShalom Kimble 
District II TOPSoccerTricia Biocini  
District V TOPSoccerFrank Bonardi  
District VI TOPSoccerDanny Marquez  
District VII TOPSoccerCarolynn Rafferty  
District IX TOPSoccerBeve Mills  

Tournament Committee

Committee ChairmanKathi Killion  
Programs ManagerJoyce Bordley  
District II TournamentRosemary Alvarez  
District IV TournamentPat & Paul Hodges  
District V TournamentKen Stelling  
District VI TournametPatsy Cosenza  
District IX TournamentChad New  

Treasurer (District)

Accounting ManagerNing Xiao  
District II TreasurerMichael Rainville  
District IV TreasurerBill Paxton  
District VI TreasurerPatsy Cosenza  
District VII TreasurerGladys Olsen  
District VIII TreasurerSue Gonzales  
District IX TreasurerRory Fancher