Special Membership Meeting
Sunday, May 20th at 12:10pm
4500 Business Center Drive, Fairfield (Northbay Administrative Office)

Voting Results:

Proposal #1                        Failed

Proposal #2                         Withdrawn

Proposal #3                         Withdrawn

Proposal #4                         Failed

Proposal #5                         Failed

Proposal #6                         Failed

Thank you to all of the leagues that attended the event.

This most important meeting is where the membership has an opportunity to change the Cal North rules of play. All affiliated leagues have the opportunity to vote based on the number of votes allotted to them.

The number of votes allotted to each league is based on the number of properly registered players. Each affiliated league in good standing is allotted one vote for every 500 players or fraction thereof that are properly paid and registered 60 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Voting by proxy is not allowed, and must be completed in person by the League President who is of record with Cal North, or a member of the League’s Board of Directors who has written verification, signed by the league president, on league letterhead, authorizing the representative to vote on behalf of the league. Members of Cal North’s Board of Directors and teams are not eligible to vote. The Cal North Chairman shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie.

Affiliated leagues must submit their proposed rule changes by October 1st, 2017 in order to be voted on during the Annual General Meeting.

Examples of How to Determine the Number of Votes a League Has:

  • ABC League has 999 registered players. The league has two votes (1 for the first 500 players and 1 for the fraction that is over 500 players).
  • DEF League has 1000 registered players. The league also has two votes (1 for the first 500 players; 1 for the next 500 players; and no more because there is no “fraction thereof”).
  • GHF League has 1001 registered players. The league has three votes (1 for the first 500 players; 1 for the next 500 players; and 1 representing the 1001st player as a “fraction thereof.”

Voting Procedures

Presence and who votes for the League:

  1. Voting must be completed in person
  2. No more than one person may cast a League’s votes

Who can vote for a League:

Voting for a league can be done by either:

  1. The President of the League who is of record with Cal North


  1. A person who is a member of the league’s Board of Directors of record with Cal North who has:
    1. Written verification that a majority vote of the League’s board to vote for it, and
    2. At the time of registration at the Annual General Meeting, provides the Cal North registration official with:
      1. A letter on the League’s letterhead;
      2. That has an original signature of the League President of record with Cal North; and
      3. That verifies that a majority of the League’s board has approved the person to vote for it at the Annual General Meeting

“Of record with Cal North” means that person is identified as the president of the league (or if another board member is approved to vote for the league is identified as a league board member) in the current season’s Cal North affiliation form or most recent League Board of Directors Change Notice that has been received by and is on file with Cal North as of the 60th calendar day before the date of the Annual General Meeting.”

Mechanics of Voting Process

  1. At the time of registration at the Annual General Meeting, the person voting for the League will be provided ballots for each rule change proposal on the agenda.  Those ballots will indicate the number of votes the league may cast for each proposal.
  2. Assuming that voting by ballot is required, votes shall be cast by the person marking the ballot(s) for each matter being vote on;
  3. The ballots will be collected by the tellers (counters) appointed by the Chairman;
  4. The votes will be counted by the tellers and the results reported to the Chairman who will announce the results.

A League is not required to cast all of its votes or all of its votes in the same way.