The Cal North Goalkeeper Course is designed to give you a technical and tactical understanding of Goalkeeping position. This course includes drills and activities that would suit numerous ability levels. Coaches wishing to take this course should log on to the Cal North Coaching Course Calendar and follow the instructions to sign-up.

Technical Goalkeeper Training:

  • Ready position & dealing with shots of various heights
  • Goalkeeper diving technique
  • Goalkeeper’s positioning for shot-stopping
  • GK footwork
  • Technique for goal-kicks & punts
  • 1v1s and ‘Narrowing the Angle’
  • GK technical points for dealing with crosses
  • Game realistic training activities for goalkeepers


  • Minimum Age: 14 yrs. old

Course Length: 6 Hours

  • 1 hour Classroom
  • 5 hours Field


  • None

Course Size:

  • Limited to 18 Candidates

Cost: (to Hosting league)

  • $600.00 per course