Pregame Check-in

Please check teams before every game using the CCSL Game Card, making sure that it is complete including The Name, Jersey Number and Cal North ID Number for all players participating. The Home team should provide you with three copies of the game card.

Ensure that you have a valid pass for all players and all adults in the technical area. All players and team officials must have a Current Pass to participate in the game.

At the end of the match, enter scores on all three copies of the game card and have the coaches sign all copies. Keep one copy and return a copy to each team.

CCSL Referee 24 hour Send-Off Reports

Referee 24 hr. Send-Off Reports are filled out online using information from the CCSL Game card. The Center Referee must retain a copy of the Game Card, but does not take the player pass of a player sent off or a coach that is dismissed.

Referee Red Card / Send-Off Procedures

Please enter your Send-Off Report online as soon as possible and within 24 HOURS of the match. You should also contact your referee assignor to report the send-off.

  1. If there is a sendoff in the match, note on the game card the time, offense and player information.
  2. Enter game scores and get coaches and Referee crew signatures on all game cards.  Keep one signed game card. Be sure to add referee crew email addresses to your match card
  3. Check the sent-off player or adult information on the game card against the passes.  Return all passes to the team when you have confirmed the game card is correct. DO NOT KEEP THE PASS OF THE PERSON WHO WAS DISMISSED.
  4. Go online to
  5. You must submit a separate report for each individual that was sent off.
  6. Enter Your Name and Email Address for the Contact Name and Contact Email. An email with a link to the completed report will be sent to the address entered as the Contact Email.
  7. Enter the Game details. All Game information is available on the CCSL Game Card.
  8. Enter the Details for the Individual who was sent off and the Send-Off Details.
  9. Your Explanation of the Send-off is very important. Please provide as much detail as possible.
  10. Enter your name and contact information along with the Names and contact information for your ARs.
  11. Click Continue at the bottom of the page, then Click Finish and Submit Form.

Game Incident Reports

CCSL Game Incident Reports can now be filed online at:


Game Incident reports should be submitted for any game that was:

  1. Canceled without adequate Notice
  2. Abandoned or Terminated Early.
  3. Not played because a team did not show up with enough properly credentialed players
  4. Not played because no properly credentialed adult was present


  1. A Referee was threatened or Assaulted by a Player, Team Official or Spectator.
  2. There was a mass confrontation by a team or a team’s spectators
  3. There was a serious injury requiring medical attention or transport