The league play requirement for the 2017/2018 season has changed. Beginning this season, a team that plays in a non-Cal North playing league such as NorCal Premier, ECNL, NPL, or other playing league sanctioned by a US Soccer organization may be eligible to participate in Cal North State and Presidents Cup provided the players, team administrators and the team register with Cal North and obtain Cal North credentials.

Simply stated, a team’s qualifying playing league does not need to be a Cal North playing league but they must have Cal North credentials to participate in Presidents or State Cup.

To obtain Cal North credentials check first with your local league registrar on how to go about obtaining credentials.

If your local league cannot register your team, check next with your District Commissioner for any options available to register directly with the District. If the league and district notify you that they are unable to register your players and team, please contact Emanuel Lusca, the Cal North Registration Manager at for details on how to proceed with registering through one of the existing Commissioners’ Leagues.

All participating teams will compete for a chance to advance to US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. U13-U19 State Cup champions will advance to Regionals in Honolulu, Hawaii June 18-24. U13-U18 Presidents Cup champions will advance to Regionals in Salt Lake City, Utah June 12-17.

Please join us and register now for Cal North State and Presidents Cup! Find more information about our Cups on the following pages:

Apply for State Cup

Apply for Presidents Cup


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