Applications for CCSL 2017 Spring League are Open

Apply online by selecting the link to your Cal North District Application.

Spring is the second half of the seasonal year, so teams will remain in the same age group designation that they were in the fall. Your team age group is determined by subtracting the birth year of your oldest player from the seasonal year, 2017. Example for the 2016/17 seasonal year, a player born in 2004: 2017 – 2004 = U13.

Spring Season is also a time of transition as teams tryout new players and begin to organize their rosters for the Fall and the new seasonal year. So, Cal North offers the CCSL Spring season as a developmental season for new teams and teams that are in transition.

Younger teams who will be transitioning to a new playing format in the fall, will play Spring using the new format . U8 teams will play 7v7, U10 teams will play 9v9 and U12 teams will play 11v11.

Spring league is intended to be a developmental league with increased roster flexibility. Teams can manage their transitional rosters using guest players or your registrar can create a secondary roster for spring league.

We look forward to another great CCSL Spring Season.

Applications will close March 3

Sign up today!


  1. Thomas Amsler says:

    Per the recommended game format for U10 is 7v7 and not 9v9 as indicated above. Did that change?

    1. That did not change. CCSL adjusts the game format so that they can accommodate teams that are forming/reforming.

  2. Sam Foster says:

    Can teams use us club passes in the spring like in the past?

  3. jesse tejeda says:

    when do we get the schedule for spring league.

    1. Hi Jesse – you can check here to see when the schedule is updated and online:

  4. Becky Smith says:

    When does the season start? Which weekend?

    1. Please reach out to the CCSL Director for more info on the exact weekend play beings. You can reach him by emailing

  5. Thang says:

    Will Spring 2018 Play 9v9 or 11v11?

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