Cal North Gives Back $18,000 to Local Leagues and Clubs

Cal North is very happy to announce that last season’s rebate program was a huge success!

Early last year, Cal North announced and offered a one of a kind dynamic rebate program that rewarded leagues and clubs with a credit for every player that was registered online. Historically, online registration has accounted for under half of Cal North registration, and the hope was that this incentive would encourage our members to take advantage of the opportunity to register online

Last week, Leagues and Clubs across northern California were rewarded for their efforts to bring player registration online. Over 300 leagues and clubs contributed to over 60% of all Cal North registrations being processed online, with a total of $$18,807.90 being credited back to our members’ accounts.

Based on the size of the club and number of players registered, clubs should expect to see a credit of up to $1,000 included in their state fees section of our registration system, US Soccer Connect (powered by Stack Sports). We encourage leagues and clubs to continue to further enhance their ability to register players online. We understand the challenges that some of them face, especially those offering online registration for the first time, and we thank them for participating in this effort!


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