Cal North talent was on full display with four Cal North teams competing in the season’s first week of National League competition.

National League – Wilson, N.C. | Boys | 12.10.17

Here is a stylish look at the final day of National League in North Carolina

The top teams in the 14U-18U age groups from across the nation gathered together in North Carolina to compete in US Youth Soccer National League competition this November and early December.

Preparation for this event began months in advance with all participating teams being thoroughly vetted through a grueling series of competitions.

The road to the Nation League all starts with Cal North at the center. Each Cal North team participated in Cal North’s CRL, which is a subdivision of the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional League as well as in Cal North State Cup, which is the first qualifier in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Each team must earn their place in the league. The high level of talent and competition makes the experience truly unique. Unarguably, the US Youth Soccer National League is the most competitive in the nation.

National League Teams play a seven-game schedule over two weekends, facing each team within its age group division one time. The League consists of three weekends of play per gender, with each team playing two of the three weekends.

The US Youth Soccer National League offers full exposure to over 200 college coaches, dozens of professional and U.S. National Team coaches. But that’s not all, with eyes on the prize, the stakes rise even higher with the opportunity for competing teams to advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships, the oldest and most prestigious youth soccer national championship in the country. The top teams in each 14U through 17U division also secure a spot to return to National League play the following season.

This week’s competition was staged at various venues in North Carolina with the girls’ competition being held November 30 – December 3 and the boys’ competition taking place the following week December 7 – 10. The four Cal North teams competing were the Livermore Fusion 18U Girls, the Santa Clara Sporting 01 Green 17U Girls, the Folsom Lake Earthquakes Premier 02B 16U Boys, and the SC Sporting 02B Green 16U Boys. The Livermore Fusion Girls wrapped up the week with a win, two losses, and a draw. The Santa Clara Sporting 01G Green 17U Girls split evenly with two wins and two losses. With weather-related field closures limiting the schedule to only three games for the 16U boys, the Folsom Lake Earthquakes Premier 02B came home with two wins and a loss while the SC Sporting 02B Green had a win and two losses.

Play for the Cal North teams will continue in Las Vegas in March after the conclusion of the high school soccer season. The competition will resume March 9-11 for the boys squads and March 16-18 for the girls teams.


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