The Coach of the Year is awarded to a Coach for demonstrating his or her leadership, player development, community service and dedication. Coaches eligible to receive the title include those involved in Cal North TOPSoccer® and Cal North recreational and competitive leagues.

There are (4) categories that a Cal North Coach can be nominated for:
– Boys Recreational Coach
– Girls Recreational Coach
– Boys Competitive Coach
– Girls Competitive Coach

Cal North TOPSoccer® has two categories one can be nominated for:
– TOPSoccer Coach of the Year
– TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year

Important Details

For Coach of the Year:

  1. Fill out a 2019 Coach of the Year Nomination Form entirely and include the required documents (section 1-3) in order for a District award winner to be considered for the State award.

For TOPSoccer® Coach & Buddy of the Year:

  1. Fill out the 2019 Top Soccer Coach & Buddy of the Year Nomination Form entirely  in order for the nominee to be eligible. Please include the required documents for each entry.
  2. Review the criteria before nomination. Does your nominee meet the following criteria:

A) Involvement with TOPSoccer and community:
Impact that he or she has had on the local program. Demonstration of leadership throughout the community and organization.

B) Promoting TOPSoccer:
How has this TOPSoccer Coach advanced the program? Does the TOPSoccer Coach participate in soccer outside his or her position as a TOPSoccer Coach (i.e. playing or refereeing)? Has the Coach created relationships within the community to promote TOPSoccer?

C) Moral and Ethical Character:
Does the TOPSoccer Coach share similar values to those of Cal North and its’ members? How has the TOPSoccer Coach’s involvement with TOPSoccer shaped his/her character?

Nominations & Awards

Nominations are due February 15, 2020.

Please note that District award winners will be recognized at the Soccer Expo Hall of Fame Awards Banquet. All District award winners will receive event information directly from the Cal North office.

For any additional questions regarding TOPSoccer Coach of the Year or TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year, please feel free to contact Joyce Bordley at:


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