Contribute To Help Victims of the Northern California Fires

At Cal North, our hearts have been broken by the disastrous fires in Northern California. Cal North has created a national YouCaring Fundraiser.

We have an ambitious goal of $500,000, but we believe in our soccer family and our soccer nation, and their desire to help. The money will be distributed through United Way for immediate direct victim relief, cleanup, and rebuilding the region.

We are devastated by the heartbreaking news coming from our area. The stories of our friends and families who have lost everything including members of their own families (17+ confirmed deaths) is tragic beyond belief. Many in the communities are not able to find or connect with their families and friends as communications/electrical and other basic infrastructure has been destroyed.

We are in need of this money immediately in order to distribute effectively and quickly. Please do not let any time pass without contributing. Every dollar counts and will be used to create critical impact.

If you can, please contribute now.


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