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Uploaded by Soccer Without Borders on 2016-12-23.

People ask themselves why soccer?

Soccer is a universally accessible sport in which everyone in the world can participate in. Soccer Without Borders offers soccer as a sport which is accessible and is a familiar space where friendships are built. This is where kids gain confidence, experience success and make themselves feel at home.

Both in the United States and internationally, Soccer Without Borders, helps youth refugees find their “purpose” in life. This program is for youth living under challenging circumstances and who want to make a positive impact in the world but do not have the tools to do so.

Soccer Without Borders believes that the potential of soccer to make change is deeper than simply playing the game. The organization was started based on these reasons: A lack of safe spaces where young people feel cared for, have a voice and can experience the joy of sport, a lack of opportunity for youth to actively explore social issues and community challenges, and access to potential opportunities for education, employment, and personal growth.

Programs have been established in Oakland, Baltimore, Boston, and Greeley. Their mission includes soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles and find personal success which is exemplified through these programs. This is why they were recently awarded the 2017 FIFA Diversity award.

The FIFA Diversity Award, is a rich showcase of inspiring power, expressing and making a change in the world using soccer as an active voice to promote diversity and anti-discrimination values.

Ben Gucciardi, the founder of Soccer Without Borders, played college soccer and from there went on to play semi-professionally. In addition to his work with Soccer Without Borders, Ben is also a coach for Cal North teams in the Bay Area.


  1. Kathi Killion, Cal North Programs Coordinator says:

    Congratulations to Ben and his staff! We love having the SWB teams participate in our Cal North Cup Programs. They remind of us of why we do what we do. Soccer Without Borders is an asset to our organization.

  2. Jose A Ordaz says:

    Soccer is a great way to keep kids occupied. It gives them the opportunity to build friendships and bonds with other kids while making memories during games or tournaments. Soccer has no color, race, or religion any body can play this beautiful sport.

  3. Jayme Haas says:

    Happy the game is being shared with all!!!

  4. Desiree Turner says:

    Love Soccer without Borders

  5. Love it!! Congrats Mary and Ben for the years, months and countless hours of caring and community

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