2018 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year

Cal North is excited to congratulate Jay Bieber as the 2017-18 US Youth Soccer National Coach of the Year and the Cal North Coach of the Year.

His passion for the game shines through as a volunteer coach for his daughter’s soccer teams and to another girls team located in the bay area. Coach Jay is well known in his local soccer community and has been an ally in providing opportunities to beginners of the sport. He has fostered an environment for young girls to discover their full potential as soccer players, along with encouraging sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, and resiliency.

Coach Jay is incredibly dedicated to his players, taking the time during tournament weeks to prepare highlight reels and recaps of the team’s previous game in an effort to educate. He is known for his uplifting pre-game speeches or improving morale at times when the team simply having an off day. According to one of Coach Jay’s 11-year old players, ”Coach Jay motivates us when we doubt ourselves…the speeches can be cheesy…but it works really well, he is funny and caring. I can’t thank him enough for everything he does for me and my team, The Riptides.”

Coach Jay exemplifies how a coach should strive to make players and their families feel welcome when starting a new season, providing an extensive and informative email to new players and families that details player expectations, practice information, game schedule, and brief coaching philosophy.

I am not concerned about winning games, the score line, or technical mistakes. This is not to say that I don’t think playing games is not important, and trying to win is part of that, but I want to see your child’s best effort and will celebrate that regardless of whether we win or not.

Creativity, positivity, and personal development are three important aspects of any sport. For example, Coach Jay encourages athletes to find opportunities to touch a soccer ball whenever possible. At times when drilling with a soccer ball is not possible, practicing with a tennis ball to develop foot dexterity and navigating through small spaces is suggested. This is one of the many examples found in Coach Jay’s teachings that inspires players to develop the motivation to be independent learners outside of practice. On this continuous path of learning, Coach Jay has always reminded players that a positive attitude is the key to personal and team development.

It is our honor to have Coach Jay Bieber a part of Cal North. We hope that his story encourages and inspires anyone who wishes to bring positive, fun and lots of soccer to their community. Congratulations once again Coach Jay and thank you to those who nominated him, your letters were thoughtful and inspiring.


In the words of Coach Jay:

Dominate Humbly!


If you have a coach that motivates and inspires your community, team, and players please nominate for the Cal North Coach of the Year for 2018-2019. We are now accepting applications! Please fill out the Coach of the Year nomination form here.  Or visit this post to learn more.


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