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Cal North Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Cal North Hall of Fame is to honor those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to youth soccer as a player, coach, referee, administrator or other youth soccer-related activities.

To be eligible for nomination and induction into the Cal North Hall of Fame, an individual must have a minimum of fifteen years in service to youth soccer, ten of which must be under the auspices of Cal North.  A nominee currently serving on the Cal North Board of Directors is not eligible.

To be eligible for nomination and induction into the Cal North Players Hall of Fame the player nominee must have distinguished him or her self with a high standard of play under the guidance and auspices of Cal North, US Youth Soccer or USSF.  This includes competition at the State Association level as a member of a team representing Cal North, US Youth Soccer or USSF.  Players shall be eligible for nomination beginning five years after completing their eligibility to play in youth soccer.

Only Cal North affiliated leagues or a member of the Cal North Board of Directors may initiate a Hall of Fame Nomination.  The nominator must submit the Hall of Fame Nomination form and the nominee’s resume by the nomination deadline.  The resume should be type-written, concise and reflect a complete chronology of the nominee’s contributions and achievements with an emphasis on his/her accomplishments in Cal North. Completed nomination forms and resumes should be sent to the Cal North office.

A maximum of two individuals and two players each year may be inducted to the Hall of Fame.  If it is felt that none of the nominees proposed meet the qualifications and standards of Cal North, none will be selected for induction.

The induction of newly installed Hall of Fame members will take place at the Cal North Hall of Fame Dinner during the annual Soccer Expo.

Hall of Fame Members


  • 1975 Don Greer
  • 1976 Harold Young
  • 1977 John Whittock
  • 1977 Ken Mullen
  • 1979 Matthew Boxer
  • 1979 Umberto Abronzino
  • 1980 Joseph Belluzo
  • 1980 Marino Mangiola
  • 1981 Ernie Feibusch
  • 1981 Douglas & Norrine Fields
  • 1983 Clay Berling
  • 1983 George Sundquist
  • 1984 Addie Hamm
  • 1984 Oscar Litz
  • 1984 Mike Greer
  • 1985 Lucien Maccario
  • 1985 James L. Kline
  • 1986 Katherine Moore
  • 1986 Gary Patton
  • 1987 Robert Nessler
  • 1988 Judy Bricker
  • 1989 Lawrence Boldrini
  • 1990 Egil Oftedal
  • 1992 Leroy Hord
  • 1993 Jack Salvemini
  • 1995 Erwin Panusch
  • 1996 Geneva McAlavey
  • 1996 Johnn Moore
  • 1997 Colin McDonald
  • 1998 Woodard “Woody” Niethammer
  • 1998 John Doyle
  • 1999 Walter Zinko
  • 1999 Brandi Chastain
  • 2000 Harry & Georgianne Miller
  • 2001 Claudine Desimone
  • 2001 John Diest
  • 2002 Charles “Chuck” Power
  • 2003 Peter Jebens
  • 2003 Tisha Venturini-Hoch
  • 2004 Andrea Salvemini
  • 2004 Troy Dayak
  • 2006 Tiffany Roberts-Sahaydak
  • 2007 Linda SoRelle
  • 2008 Tom Metry
  • 2009 Gladys Olsen
  • 2010 Michelle Steiner
  • 2010 Jan Bull
  • 2011 Brian & Joyce Leonard
  • 2012 Stephanie Lopez-Cox
  • 2012 Megan Rapinoe
  • 2013 Karl Dewazien
  • 2013 Bob Asklof
  • 2014 Joseph Cannon
  • 2014 Chris Wondolowski
  • 2015 Fernando Alvarez
  • 2015 Albertin Montoya



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