PIM 12-1 (Modified 01-2012 / Rev 09-2013) PLAYER EQUIPMENT

All players, parents, coaches, and referees are required to act as a reasonable person concerning player safety, including protecting players from wearing any equipment or device that is dangerous to the player wearing the equipment or device or to any other player. The referee has ultimate authority for deciding if equipment or device is safe.

Attempt to Injure or Intimidate: Any player who uses any equipment with the intent to intimidate or injure an opponent shall be cautioned or sent off immediately.

Headwear: Soft protective headgear and headbands are allowed if deemed safe by referee. The headgear must not cover the neck.

Jewelry: Except as provided below, All jewelry must be removed, including necklaces, rings, earrings, friendship bracelets and any visible body piercing with an earring-like device; Medical identification (“medic alert”) jewelry is not to be removed; medical identification jewelry must be taped securely and completely to the wrist or neck. Any item of clothing or jewelry that is clearly religious in nature and that is required by the wearer’s religion to be worn may be permitted by the referee if it is not dangerous and not likely to provide the player with an unfair advantage. Items that are permanently attached to the player’s body and are not removable may be permitted if:

  1. in the opinion of the referee the item(s) are not dangerous to other players or can reasonably be made safe and
  2. the player’s parent or guardian has signed a waiver on a form specified by Cal North CYSA.

    Shin Guards: All players must wear shin guards in any CYSA sanctioned event. Referees will not allow players to participate if the shin guards to not meet these criteria:

    1. Shin guards shall be worn properly in order to provide adequate and reasonable protection to the shin.
    2. Shin guards shall be professionally manufactured, age/size appropriate and unaltered.

      Orthopedic supports:

      • A medical release for any player wearing an orthopedic support, signed by a licensed medical physician, shall be at the game site.

      • Knee Braces: Unaltered braces with all metal hinges or parts adequately padded and covered are permitted (i.e. Donjoy)

      • Ankle Braces: unaltered soft braces are permitted to be worn outside the sock. Unaltered braces with metal or hard plastic, including “air casts” must be worn inside the sock.

      • Hard Splint: Unaltered leather, rubber, plastic or fiberglass splints that protect and are fitted to a portion of the arm or wrist MAY be allowed if the split does not present a danger to the player or any other player.

      • Soft Casts: a soft cast MAY be permitted if the cast does not present a danger to the wearer or any other player.

      • Hard Casts: Casts or splints made of a hard substance covering the entire circumference of the arm or wrist are NOT permitted (even if covered with padding).

      Medical Device: Players shall be permitted to wear and/or use medical devices that are prescribed to address a medically recognized disability such as glasses with corrective lenses, insulin pumps, hearing aids and cochlear implants.

      Prosthetic Device: A player with a prosthetic device or insulin pump infusion device will be permitted to participate in any CYSA sanctioned activity provided a doctor has provided written authorization that participation with such device does not pose a risk to the player wearing the device as well as any other player.

PIM 12-2 Guest Player/Team Official Policy (Replacing PIM 9-3)


    1. A guest player is defined as a player with an approved CYSA member pass who is not listed as a rostered player for the CYSA team with which the player is participating in a particular event.
    2. A player who is suspended cannot participate as a guest player.
    3. The soccer age of a player is defined by the player’s birthday, not the age of the team on which the player is rostered. The soccer age of a guest player must be the same age or younger than the age group of the team on which the player will be guesting. For example, a player with a soccer age of U11, who is rostered on a U12 team, may guest play on a U11 or older team.
    4. Competitive players may not guest play on a Recreational team.
    5. The credentials for the guest player must be from the same season as those being used by the team on which the player will be guesting.

    1. A guest team official is defined as a team official with an approved CYSA member pass who is not listed as a rostered team official for the CYSA team with which the team official is participating in a particular event.
    2. A team official who is suspended cannot participate as a guest team official.

    1. The maximum number of guest players allowed is seven (7) per game.
    2. The official team roster may never exceed the maximum number of player as approved by the CYSA Board of Directors.
    3. On game day, the list of players designated on the official game card may never exceed eighteen(18) players.
    4. The coach of the borrowing team must have in his/her possession the player’s approved member pass and the current CYSA Membership Form (Form 1601) for the guest player with the medical release and the hold harmless section signed in original ink by the parent or guardian or by the guest player if the player has reached eighteen (18) years of age.

    1. Guest players / team officials may be utilized by teams participating in any sanctioned non- tournament CYSA sanctioned games.
    2. The decision to allow guest players / guest team officials is solely at the discretion of the playing league.
    3. The Guest player / team official must be rostered on a team within the same league as the team on which the player / team official will be guesting.
      • CCSL Exception
        • The guest player/Team Official must be rostered on a team within the same registration District as the team the player/Team Official will be guesting for CCSL League play.
      • Team IDs are formatted as DDLL-CCTGAA-TTTTTT where:
        • DD is the District number
        • LL is the League number
        • CC is the Club number
        • T is the Type of Team (C: Competitive, R: Recreational; T: TOPSoccer
        • G is the Gender of the TEam
        • AA is the Soccer Age of the Team
        • TTTTTT is the Team number
    4. Only the DD numbers on the guest player CYSA member pass must match for CCSL League play.
    1. The decision to include teams with guest players and/or guest team officials in a CYSA tournament is solely at the discretion of the tournament.
    2. A guest player can be rostered on any CYSA team.
    3. A guest team official must have the approval of the borrowing team’s League President or League Director of Coaching.
    4. Each CYSA tournament has the responsibility of establishing a policy regarding the participation of teams with guest players and/or guest team officials in their tournament. This policy must be stated in the tournament Information/Rules Document for each CYSA tournament calendar year.
    5. The coach must have in his possession for each guest player a CYSA Guest Player Form (Form 1611) signed by the appropriate persons.
    6. Out of State or International teams playing in an unrestricted CYSA tournament must provide the following for each guest player:
      1. The appropriate approval documentation from their state association or federation.
      2. A release/consent for Medical Treatment.
      3. A valid US Youth Soccer member pass or a valid member pass authorized by the appropriate foreign federation if the guest player is not from the United States.

    1. For Out of State/Out of United States play, the maximum number of guest players allowed will be determined by the official rules or policies of the tournament. At no time may the number of guest players on the CYSA Official Travel Roster exceed seven (7) players.
    2. Teams travelling outside of CYSA’s jurisdiction to play in an out-of-state, US Youth Soccer- sanctioned tournament may add guest players to their CYSA Official Travel Roster. The CYSA Official Travel Roster, which limits teams to a maximum of eighteen (18) players, must be completed to indicate which players are guest players. (PIM 81-2)

PIM 11-1 (Rev. 6/2015) TEAM TRAVEL


CYSA Cal North teams that are properly registered and in good standing may travel to tournaments, jamborees and festivals that have been sanctioned by a US Soccer Federation affiliated Member Organization. Sanctioned games include sanctioned tournament, jamboree and festival games that have been approved by the hosting US Soccer Federation Organization. If travel documents are necessary for the tournament, jamboree and festival and if requested by the CYSA Cal North team, forms are available by completing the online form “CYSA Cal North Permission to Travel” which is located on the CYSA Cal North website. Instructions for filing the notification form will be included on the form. CYSA Cal North does not require the ‘CYSA Cal North Permission to Travel’ form for insurance purposes. No fault medical and liability coverage will be in effect provided that every team member and guest player associated with the team traveling is in good standing with CYSA Cal North and that the team participates in the sanctioned competition with CYSA Cal North team and player credentials for each player, guest player and registered team official as required by CYSA Cal North and approved by the respective CYSA Cal North District Registrar.

If travel documents are necessary for the tournament, jamboree and festival and if requested by the CYSA Cal North team, it is the traveling team‘s responsibility to confirm BEFORE SUBMITTING THE E-TRAVEL DOCUMENT TO CYSA CAL NORTH that the tournament is properly sanctioned by a US Soccer Federation affiliated Member Organization. Confirmation should be in the form of the tournament’s approved sanctioning documentation which has been issued by the sanctioning Member Organization which can be obtained from the tournament director.


CYSA Cal North teams that are properly registered and in good standing may travel to games outside of the United States if approved for foreign travel by US Soccer Federation. CYSA Cal North teams traveling to such foreign competitions may do so by completing and submitting properly completed travel paperwork (including the required fees payable to US Soccer Federation, the United States Soccer Federation Application for Foreign Travel, the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act Agreement Form, US Youth Soccer “Application for Travel” form and the CYSA Cal North Official Travel Roster form created in the team’s Affinity Account) to the CYSA Cal North office for processing no later than 60 days prior to the team travel. Such approval will be in effect provided that every team member and guest player associated with the team traveling is in good standing with CYSA Cal North and that the team participates in the sanctioned competition with team and player credentials for each player, guest player and registered team official as required by CYSA Cal North and approved by the respective CYSA Cal North Registrar.

A team’s failure to obtain travel approval from US Soccer Federation and CYSA Cal North prior to traveling, in accordance with the established protocol, could delay and/or invalidate payment on any insurance claims for the player and/or team arising from participation in the tournament games to which the team traveled.


Completion of Cal North’s registration process entails a player being properly registered and assigned to an approved Cal North team that is participating in an approved Cal North playing league.

Failure to fulfill the requirements of Cal North’s registration process will result in the immediate revocation of Cal North membership benefits and the individual’s eligibility to participate in Cal North programs

Throughout Cal North, all registration is subject to the approval of the Cal North Board of Directors.

All registration data entered into Cal North’s approved registration system is the sole property of Cal North and is not to be used for any other purpose without the express written consent of Cal North.

  1. Member Registration
    1. All players and team administrators must register annually with Cal North using their legal names.
    2. Player Registration
      1. A player shall be deemed registered effective the date the player is entered into Cal North’s approved registration system after submitting a completed Membership Form, or the registration is completed online through Cal North’s approved registration system and all required fess are paid. Players 18 years or older must sign and approve in lieu of their parent/legal guardian.
      2. An electronic signature generated by Cal North’s approved registration system is an acceptable signature of a parent/legal guardian, or player 18 years or older.
      3. All players shall submit a proof of age document when requested by their league. (e.g. Birth certificate, passport, alien registration card, etc. issued by an appropriate government agency as indicated by US Youth Soccer Rule 204).
      4. Players may play in their age group of registration, or an older age group, but are not permitted to play in a lower age group. Leagues may make limited exceptions for recreational players with special needs.
    3. Team Administrator Registration
      1. All Team administrators must register online in Cal North’s approved registration system.
      2. All administrators without an approved Cal North Risk Management status must complete Cal North’s risk management process.
      3. Minors who are head coaches, must have an assistant coach or team manager who is at least 18 years old, who is properly credentialed, and who will be present at all team functions.
    4. Upon completion of registration, a Member Pass may be generated by Cal North’s approved registration system. A Member Pass shall contain all information required by Cal North.
      1. Digital passes produced by Cal North’s approved registration system may be used in lieu of member passes
    5. Member Registration Fees will be collected monthly according to Cal North’s billing process.
  2. Teams
    1. Teams shall be finalized and approved by the League that registered the players.
    2. Team Classification
      1. Competitive
        A team formed by a selection process, i.e. tryouts, invitation, or other form of recruiting. All competitive teams are eligible for travel and competition outside of their league of registration.
      2. Recreational
        A team formed without a selection process and on an equal (in) strength basis to compete in recreational play.
      3. Recreational Pool
        A pool of recreational players from which teams are formed on game day for small-sided play. A Recreational Pool team can have up to 999 players rostered to the team. Recreational Pool teams and the players rostered to these teams are not eligible for travel outside of their home leagues.
      4. CoEd
        A team with boys and girls on the same roster. A coed team shall follow the rules designated for boys teams and will be allowed to enter all competitions except those that are designated for girls teams only.
      5. TOPSoccer
        A team that is part of the community based TOPSoccer program that is designed to meet the needs of players with physical and/or mental disabilities. Athletes are placed on teams according to ability NOT by age.
      6. Disbanded
        A team that is declared disbanded by an authorized league administrator, and is no longer playing and is therefore no longer eligible for Cal North sanctioned play. A player from a team that is disbanded prior to its season of play who has NOT competed in any competitions, is eligible to be an ADD on another team.
    3. Reclassification of Players or Teams
      The Cal North Board of Directors, District Commissioner, or District Commissioner designee may review and change any classification of any team or player when deemed appropriate.
    4. Team Composition
      1. Team rosters may not exceed the maximum roster size as specified by the Cal North Board of Directors.
      2. Cal North Member leagues may have varied minimum or maximum team roster size limits.
    5. Team Names
      Identical team names shall not be used for more than one team in the same age group within a club.
    6. Team Credentials
      1. The following must be carried by a team administrator to all team activities and competitions: (1) the official team roster generated in Cal North’s approved registration system, (2) a signed medical liability and release waiver, signed membership pass or digital pass for each player on the roster.
      2. For teams participating in inter-league play, tournaments and cup play, team administrators must have a membership pass in the form that is accepted by the competition for each team administrator and player
      3. Team administrators should not carry any other identifying documents, including, but not limited to: player birth documents or other sensitive information for any team administrator, parent, or player.
  3. Player Movement and Approvals
    1. A Player Add is the assignment of a player to a roster.
    2. A Player Release is the removal of a player from a roster.
      1. A player may be involuntarily released from a team by an authorized administrator for the following reasons:
        1. The player has violated US Youth Soccer, Cal North or League rules.
        2. The player has moved beyond a reasonable distance.
        3. The player is injured in such a manner that the player will not be able to participate for the remainder of the seasonal year.
        4. The player’s current team is not developmentally appropriate for the player.
        5. The player’s team has been disbanded.
      2. Voluntary releases must be initiated and approved by the parent/legal guardian (or player if 18 or older), and by an authorized league administrator(s) in order to be completed.
    3. A Player reassignment is the movement of a player from a team to another team, within the same league, or the movement of a released player to another team within the same league.
      1. Player reassignments are initiated and approved by authorized league administrator(s) and may be completed between finalized rosters within the same league.
      2. Player reassignments are not transfers.
    4. A Player Transfer is the movement of a player from a finalized roster to another roster in a different league, or the movement of a released player to a finalized roster in a different league.
      1. A team may have an unlimited number of transfers off a team.
      2. If a team exceeds five (5) transfers onto the team, then that team is no longer eligible for National Championship Series. Please see National Championship Series rules for all eligibility requirements.
      3. Transfers must be initiated and approved by the parent/legal guardian (or player if 18 or older), and authorized league administrator(s) in order to be completed.
  4. Non-Member Registration
    1. Non-Cal North members may be entered into Cal North’s official registration system for convenience of the registering league. Players so entered are not officially registered with Cal North, nor does Cal North charge fees for these entries.



Length of games, overtime periods, and ball specifications, except as provided by US Youth Soccer and its affiliates, the length of games, ball size, ball weight, ball dimensions, and tie-breaking rules for each age group shall be as follows:


DivGame Length HalvesO.T. Period HalvesBall SizeCircum.Weight
U-192-45 min.2-15 min.#527”-28”14-16 oz.
U-162 -40 min.2-15 min.#527”-28”14-16 oz.
U-142-35 min2-10 min.#527”-28”14-16 oz.
U-122-30 min.2-10 min.#425”-26”11-13 oz.
U-10As modified rules specifyNo tie breaker#425”-26”11-13 oz.
U-8As modified rules specifyNo tie breaker#323”-24”11-12 oz.
U-6As modified rules specifyNo tie breaker#323”-24”11-12 oz.



  1. Charging the goalkeepers shall not be permitted at any time, when he/she is within his/her own penalty area.
  2. Coaching from the sidelines, giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position, is permitted provided:
    1. No mechanical devices are used.
    2. The tone of voice is informative and not a harangue.
    3. No coach, substitute, player, or spectator is to be anywhere but at his/her bench area during the game. A team’s bench area shall be that area one (1) yard from the touchline and extending to ten(10) yards, one way, from the half-line only.
    4. No coach, substitute, player or spectator is to make derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other players, substitutes, or spectators.
    5. No coach, substitute, or player is to use profanity.
    6. No coach, substitute, player, or spectator is to incite, in any manner, disruptive behavior of any kind.The penalty for the above shall be ejection from the game and disciplinary action will be taken by the Board of Directors of this Association.Please refer to PIM 08-3 for additional information.
  3. Where colors of uniforms are similar, the home team must effect a change to colors which are distinct from those of the opponent.
  4. The home team will be responsible for the condition of the grounds, the proper field markings and proper equipment. Nets and corner flags are required. It will be the responsibility of both teams to have a game ball and see that their fans behave in a proper and respectful manner.
  5. Unless a competition superseding the jurisdiction of this Association determines otherwise,
    substitutions are unlimited and can occur at any stoppage of play after receiving the referee’s
    permission to enter the field of play.
  6. The referee shall require that both teams enter all the appropriate information on a CYSA Referee Report form prior to the start of the game.
    1. The referee shall verify the identity of the player with his/her player pass. He shall collect the passes of those players who are to participate in the game. The referee must allow no player into the game for whom he/she has no pass or whose name does not appear on the Referee Report form. The referee shall also require that the coach or manager of each team sign the Referee Report form verifying that the information entered on the form is correct.Please refer to PIM 10-1, Section 3 for additional information.
    2. Upon completion of the game, the referee shall send his/her report to the proper authority within forty-eight (48) hours, holidays excluded, along with the member pass of any ejected player and, in such cases of ejection, he/she shall also mail a supplementary 24 Hour Ejection Report.
    3. Prior to the game, the referee shall make sure that each player’s equipment is in proper order.Please refer to PIM 88-3 for additional information.
    4. A Referee Report form must be filed for every game played.
    5. In the event of a forfeited game, the winning team must submit a Referee Report form made out listing the players of their team; it must be noted on the card “forfeit” and submitted to the proper authority within the stipulated time (see “B” above). A postmark dated within the stipulated time will be deemed as proper compliance with this regulation
  7. The winning team is responsible for calling the proper authority in charge of the competition, immediately following the game (or within a reasonable time) to notify him/her of the outcome.
  8. Any team delaying the start of a scheduled game more than fifteen (15) minutes without the sanction of the proper authority shall forfeit the game to the opponent by a score of 1-0.
  9. In the event both teams do not show up for a scheduled game, and the referee rules the ground playable, then both teams shall be assessed a loss.
  10. Referees responsible for the late start of a game may be disciplined by the proper authority. Referees may, at any time, be called upon by the proper authority to explain their reports. Please refer to PIM 08-3 for additional information.
  11. The referee’s judgment with regard to the physical condition of the field and its acceptance for play, to the actual happenings and occurrences related to the conduct of the game and those prerogatives granted to him/her, by the “Laws of the Game” for outdoor soccer and the “Official Indoor Soccer Rules” for indoor soccer, shall not be challenged.


If a player is sent off, then the referee shall note the player’s name, jersey number, and Cal North identification number on the game card.

If a team official is dismissed, then the referee shall note the team official name and registration number Cal North identification number on the game card.

The referee shall fill out and send a Cal North sendoff report (electronic or hard copy) to the proper authority per playing league or event procedures. Cal North procedures shall be used to determine and serve the suspension.

A player or team official who has been sent off is ineligible to participate in games until the suspension has been served per the Cal North procedures defined for the playing league or event.

Players and team officials who participate in games prior to the conclusion of their suspension will incur additional penalties, including forfeiture of games in which the player or team official participated while on suspension.

Please refer to Specific Rules 4:05:07 and PIM 08-3 for additional information.



In order to be able to play in any CYSA Cup or any CYSA sanctioned tournament, a team participating using CYSA credentials must play in a CYSA affiliated league established and operated for purposes other than creating or establishing eligibility solely for cup or tournament play.


For purposes of electing District Commissioners pursuant to section 2:06:03 of the Constitution and Bylaws, the number of votes each affiliated league in the district is entitled to cast shall be determined based on the number of players properly registered with CYSA, in good standing with the affiliated league and CYSA, 30 calendar days before the first date set for the election of the District Commissioner.


The Protest and Appeals Committee may initiate disciplinary proceedings against any player, coach, manager, team assistant, league officer, referee or spectator from any member team, league or organization. The proceedings may be initiated based on information brought to the attention of the Board of Directors or the Protest and Appeal Committee through complaints, reports of incidents, information obtained during the course of protest and/ or appeal hearings, and otherwise. The disciplinary proceedings shall be initiated by notice to the appropriate party containing a brief statement of the reasons for the initiation of the proceedings. Parties against whom such proceedings have been brought may, with a proper hearing, be suspended, barred completely, or otherwise disciplined.

The Executive Committee of this Association may suspend any person, team or League prior to the commencement of disciplinary proceedings if, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, there is sufficient evidence to believe that any individual(s) in this association may present a non-acceptable risk to the association and its members. Parties suspended under this paragraph will be afforded, if application, a hearing in accordance with the procedures outlined in the CYSA Constitution and Bylaws.


For Coaches:

A suspended team official must serve the suspension with the team for which the suspension was incurred. Unless specifically stated otherwise at the time a suspension is imposed, the suspension applies to any CYSA sanctioned game in which this team participates during the period of suspension. If for any reason, the suspended team official cannot serve all of the suspension with the team with which the suspension was incurred, the part of the suspension not served must be served with another CYSA team on which the suspended person is a registered team official. Suspension carry over from seasonal year to seasonal year. All of the suspension must be served.

Example 1: X is a team official of both the red team and the blue team. X received a 3 game suspension for a send- off in a red team game. X must serve the suspension of 3 games with the red team.

Example 2: X is a team official of the red team, the blue team and the green team. X receives a 3 game suspension for a send-off in a red team game. After X has served 1 game of the suspension, the red team disbands. X must serve all of the remaining 2 game suspension with either the blue team or the green team, but not both.

Example 3: X is a team official of the red team. X receive a 3 game suspension for a send off in the red team’s last game of the season. The next season, X is a team official with the green team. X is suspended for the first 2 green team games.

For DOCs

Upon receiving a send-off a DOC shall surrender the DOC pass to the head referee. The terms of the DOC suspension shall be determined by the competition in which the suspension was received.


Any person, team or league associated with the operation of this Association may be declared “in bad standing” by the appropriate administrative body. The term “bad standing” may only be applied due to a very severe detrimental action or after a probation has been violated and may mean either total suspension (expulsion) from CYSA or a limited suspension (partial benefits). Any person, team or League declared to be “not in good standing” must be so notified in writing and advised of the right and procedure to appeal.

  1. Person, Team or League placed in bad standing –
    1. May only play teams from within home League
    2. No Inter-League/District play.
    3. No tournament play.
    4. No State Competitions (Association Cup, CYSA-Cal Soccer League, Founders’ Cup, Presidents Cup, State Cup).
    5. No Travel outside of CYSA-North.
    6. No participation in the CYSA Olympic Development Program.
    7. No voting power at District or State level as per CYSA rule 1:07:04
    8. If the player registration and fees are not received by January 1st, the League may be denied League affiliation for the following seasonal year.


Misconduct against referees may occur before, during and after a match, including travel to and from the match. Misconduct may also occur at later times when directly related to the duties of a game official as a referee. Misconduct will be classified as referee abuse or referee assault.

  1. Referee Abuse
    1. Referee abuse is a verbal statement or physical act not resulting in bodily contact which implies or threatens physical harm to a referee or the referee’s property or equipment.
    2. Abuse includes, but is not limited to the following acts committed upon a referee: using foul or abusive language toward a referee; spewing any beverage on a referee’s personal property; spitting at (but not on) the referee; or verbally threatening a referee. Verbal threats are remarks that carry the implied or direct threat of physical harm.
  2. Refere Assault
    1. Referee assault is an intentional act of physical violence at or upon a referee.
    2. Assault includes, but is not limited to the following acts committed upon a referee: hitting, kicking, punching, choking, spitting on, grabbing or bodily running into a referee; head butting; the act of kicking or throwing any object at a referee that could inflict injury; damaging the referee’s uniform or personal property, i.e. car, equipment, etc.


The use, consumption, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances immediately before, during, or after the play of any game, practice, or athletic event is prohibited. Any player, team official, league official, parent or spectator, or any member of this Association subject to the jurisdiction of this Association, its Districts, or its affiliated member Leagues shall be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension, by the League, District, or this Association.


All coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and team officials are required to abide by the policies outlined in the CYSA risk management program. Inappropriate physical contact with players is strictly prohibited. Social interactions with players less than 18 years of age (such as dating, parties without parental involvement and private one on one situations) are prohibited. Violation of these rules may result in immediate suspension from all CYSA and affiliated activities and initiation of disciplinary proceedings as outlined in PIM 08-3.


The CYSA Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend the applicable certificate(s) of insurance and/or cancel any CYSA function if the hosting league or any sub-group of the hosting league operates an event that is not sanctioned by CYSA on the same dates using the same volunteer pool, facilities and/or fields.

PIM 04-1 (Rev. 07/2011) PLAYER EQUIPMENT

A player with a prosthetic device will be permitted to participate in any CYSA sanctioned activity provided a doctor has provided written authorization that participation with such device does not pose a risk to the player wearing the device as well as any other player.


All Leagues must offer a Recreational program and may offer a Competitive program if there are enough interested players and other resources. In order to have a Competitive team, or teams, there must be at least one team of the same age and gender in the Recreational Group. Exceptions can be made with CYSA Board approval. Leagues may have as many Recreational teams as they can manage without a corresponding number of Competitive teams. Since CYSA is predominately Recreational based, it is expected that every league will in good faith develop Recreational programs. Leagues found not to be in compliance, will have three years in which to meet these requirements. If not in compliance, the League’s continued affiliation will be reviewed and could be revoked.


Except for tournaments approved by the CYSA Board of Directors for international or Unrestricted status, no team shall be eligible to participate in any CYSA sanctioned tournament or event unless every player, coach, and administrator or team official of the team is registered with a state association affiliated with US Youth Soccer or if not so registered first registers with CYSA and complies with all of the regular registration requirements and applicable rules of CYSA.


Unauthorized Use of CYSA and Affiliate Rights and Property

Every person has the legal right to travel for any legal purpose they want and to participate in any legal activity they choose, including attending events of other soccer organizations that are not sanctioned or approved by CYSA. No person, group, or entity, however, has any right to:

without authorization of the owner to take for that person, group, or entity’s own use the rights and property of others, including those of CYSA and its affiliates, for any purpose at all, including attending events not sanctioned or approved by CYSA or

misrepresent or fail to disclose information so that others are misled.

Participation of any kind including travel to and from events and participation in events not sanctioned by CYSA without the prior approval of CYSA is entirely the responsibility of those electing to so participate, and not that of CYSA. Any recourse or remedies persons or groups electing to so participate may claim or seek must be sought from the organizations, groups, or persons sanctioning, authorizing, or sponsoring the events and participation, and not from CYSA.

No league official, team official, coach or others shall by affirmative misrepresentation or by the failure to disclose material facts to parents and players mislead them into believing that travel to or participation in events not sanctioned by CYSA is authorized or approved by CYSA or that they have any of the protections afforded by association or affiliation with CYSA.

No coach, players, team official, administrator, or team shall use without CYSA’s authorization any CYSA logo, trade mark, trade name, or other propriety or property right of CYSA, or any resources or funds or the proceeds, financial or in kind, including insurance, or funds obtained as a result of affiliation with CYSA for any purpose not authorized by CYSA, including travel to or participation in events not sanctioned or approved by CYSA.

Any violation of this PIM will subject the person, group, or entity violating it to disciplinary action and any other action CYSA deems necessary and appropriate to safeguard the proprietary and other rights of CYSA and its affiliates.

Attempts to Circumvent or Abuse CYSA Rules, Procedures, or Benefits: No affiliated league, coach, team official, or administrator shall directly or indirectly do any of the following or attempt to do any of the following or permit any coach, team official, or administrator to: Use any league resources of any kind (including clubs within leagues) acquired or obtained as a result of affiliation or association with CYSA in any respect in connection with participation in any organization or event not sanctioned by CYSA without, before such use, full disclosure to the league and to each of the parents of players involved that the organization or event is not sanctioned by CYSA.

Use any facility or field of any kind for which CYSA or its insurer has issued a Certificate of Insurance for any purpose not sanctioned by CYSA without full disclosure to the owneror other person or entity granting the right to use such facility or field that the use is not sanctioned by CYSA or that CYSA insurance and other protections are not in effect for such use.

Use or display without CYSA’s prior authorization any CYSA logo, trade mark, trade name, or otherwise infringe any other proprietary right of CYSA.

Allow any person or entity to believe or be led to believe either through affirmative misrepresentation or by failure to disclose material facts that the league, team, player, coach, team official, and/or administrator’s participation in any kind, including but not limited to tournaments, practices, and games, not sanctioned by CYSA is in any way connected, associated, or affiliated with CYSA. Each coach, team official, administrator, and league involved in the participation of any CYSA registered player, group of players, or team in any event not sanctioned by CYSA has an affirmative duty and obligation to fully disclose to the players and the league that such participation not sanctioned by CYSA and that none of the benefits of affiliation with CYSA, including by not limited to insurance coverage, are available or applicable.

Use or employ any CYSA process or procedures to mislead, deceive or defraud any person into believing any action, activity, or event not sanctioned, authorized, or approved by CYSA is sanctioned, authorized or approved by CYSA.

Any violation of this PIM will, in addition to all other rights and remedies available at law, subject the person, group, or entity violating it to disciplinary action and to any other action CYSA deems necessary and appropriate to safeguard the proprietary and other rights of CYSA and its affiliates.


Any coach, assistant coach or trainer who is assigned to coach, train or is affiliated with the District, State, Regional or National Olympic Development Program (ODP), may not coach, assistant coach, or train at the team level any player that they work or worked with on an ODP team unless that player would have played for that team by virtue of the player’s residence. Further, an approved ODP coach, assistant coach, or trainer may not coach or train any District or State ODP team of the same gender that the coach, assistant coach, or trainer may coach or train on the Club or League level. Any exception must be approved by the State Director of Coaching.


The equipment for teams and players, including teams banners, flags, uniforms, warm-ups, and team and player equipment bags, in all State Cup, Association Cup, Founders’ Cup, Presidents Cup and CYSA – Cal Soccer League games shall only have those markings that are consistent with the purpose of this Association. Logos, trademarks, emblems, or any other insignia expressing, promoting, or otherwise symbolizing alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances (drugs) are specifically prohibited. It is recommended that the leagues adopt this policy for all other play.


“Fill-In” teams may be used in CYSA sanctioned tournaments to complete a bracket if a tournament is short of proper entrants.

A “Fill-In” team is comprised of at least one properly credentialed coach and up to 18 properly registered players from within any single CYSA District.

“Fill-In” teams are only used as a last resort and must be qualified to play in the age group and gender classification of the tournament. To fill a vacancy, officially rejected teams must be given first right of refusal before a fill-in team is used.

“Fill-In” teams are charged no tournament fee and play for no scores or standings and therefore their members do not lose their eligibility for future tournament, League or Cup play.

“Fill-In” teams must notify their District Commissioner prior to their participation in the tournament.


All League Affiliations and appropriate fees must be in the CYSA office by March 1 deadline. Penalties for failure to meet the deadline as stated are as follows:

Not in by March 1: $50.00 fine

Not in by April 1: $100.00 fine

League to be put on probation for the following year.


The CYSA Committee Reports will be made in writing, within thirty (30) days of scheduled committee meetings. Report will include alternative ideas of respective members. These reports will be disseminated to the Board of Directors and Committee members.


Notification of all meetings of this Association, with the exception of emergency business, will have a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice of scheduled meeting.

PIM 90-1 (Rev. 11/2006) YOUTH PLAYING SENIOR

In order to maintain his or her eligibility, a youth player must have a properly completed form 1612 (Youth to Provisional Senior Player) approved and on file with CYSA prior to registering with the adult amateur organization and/or senior team. A separate form is required for each adult organization with which the youth player registers. A form must be completed for each season of registration.


Team Manuals – CYSA Team Manuals are paid for by the membership and are therefore the property of the teams. No one has the right to withhold these kits from properly registered teams. These must be dispensed immediately upon the receipt of a CYSA team registration form.

League Bulletin – Contents of the League Bulletins MUST be reiterated to the membership. The information within these bulletins is meant for League Boards, not just the recipient.

General – Any information or publication disseminated from CYSA to the general membership must be passed on in a timely manner.

It is the League’s responsibility to disseminate all information to the membership. Failure to do so may place your League in violation of the CYSA Constitution.


Purpose of a District Playing League – To develop, promote and administer a method of providing inter-league competition for boys and girls teams, U19 and below.

Definition of a District Playing League – A District Playing League is a League formed within a District for the purpose of providing a playing season for teams representing different affiliated Leagues from within the

District. District Playing Leagues normally provide competition for Competitive teams but, when demographic considerations warrant, may be used to provide competition for Recreational teams from various Leagues within the District.

Affiliated teams representing Leagues from another District may participate in a District Playing League if approved by the Commissioners from both Districts.

Leagues of residence are responsible for the proper registration of the players on the teams that represent them.

Formation Authority – The Commissioner of the District, in which the District Playing League is formed, is responsible for the management of the Playing League.

The District Commissioner may create a committee to assist in managing the District Playing League with the individual heading the committee chosen in accordance with rules governing appointments in the District. Each League supplying teams from the Playing League will be represented on the committee that governs the District Playing League.


Whenever two or more leagues enter teams in a combined schedule of play, one of these leagues shall be designated as the Host League, and shall be responsible for rules, schedules, protests, appeals and discipline, etc. The League may designate a separate committee, which may include members of the participating League(s), to administer the combined League.


A district Commissioner may, with Board approval, sub-district his/her District and appoint a sub-commissioner. This appointment should be to improve communications between existing leagues and CYSA programs and to facilitate affiliation of new areas into CYSA.

The assistant will work under and be directly responsible to the District Commissioner. Any financial support would be subsidized by the district if needed. The assistant would not be a CYSA Board member but would be a District Board member. The job would include being the communication link between the District Commissioner and the sub-area, going into and developing new areas for affiliation, attending sub-area league meetings upon request for the purpose of explaining CYSA and District rules, procedures and programs.


Formation Authority – A District Commissioner may create a representative panel comprised of league representatives and appointed District staff personnel to assist in the administration of the assigned district area under his/her leadership.

Purpose – To streamline administration and improve communication between the State and the Leagues through an avenue that expedites the dissemination of all information in a timely manner. To assist in the development of soccer in established areas. To provide a direct and local communication avenue for the Leagues to the state on matters of their interest and concern and to share information and problems.

Responsibility – May create programs for the benefit of the District. Has jurisdiction over programs that are instituted within the District by the District Administrative Board) premier Leagues, special events, ODP) to coordinate CYSA related programs. Determine the use of the District’s budget for District’s use. May act as anarbitrator on matters involving two or more Leagues within the District. Assist in the development of new areas andcreateprogramsforatotalsoccerconceptwithintheDistrictboundariesforthosethatwishtoparticipateintheprogramsdeveloped. Who Makes Up The District Administration Board – The District Commissioner; the assistant(s) along with staff appointed by the District Commissioner for registration purposes, (District Registrar); coaching and referee programs (District Referee and Coaching Coordinators); league designated representatives and other staff as needed

All Leagues within the District are entitled to have a League representative in attendance at all meetings of the administration and should be encouraged to do so for growth and communication purposes. It also helps in the development of an understanding of the various problems within the District and Leagues.

PIM 78-1 (Rev. 10/2011) DEFINITION OF TERMS

Principal Team: A group of players properly registered with a CYSA affiliated league and under the guidance of one or more coaches, so organized for the purpose of playing soccer in a CYSA affiliated league. U8 and younger teams may have less than seven (7) players. U9 and older teams must have a minimum of seven (7) players. U12 and younger may not exceed 18 players. U13 and older teams may not exceed 22 players. Any exceptions must be approved by the CYSA Board of Directors. Principal teams may participate in any USYS/CYSA sanctioned event.

Club: A structured organization whose purpose it is to sponsor one or more teams to play soccer in a CYSA affiliated league or leagues. A club must be under the direct control of a league affiliated with CYSA. CYSA does not affiliate clubs, only leagues.

League: A structured organization operating within a specified community or otherwise defined geographical area within a given CYSA District, whose purpose it is to offer competition to the teams registered with it. Its teams shall be divided into CYSA approved age groups (or modification thereof, if need be), and play soccer amongst themselves according to an established schedule of play in a seasonal year.

Binding of a Player / Dual Rostering: Players are bound to a single team at any one time (Section 3:02:03), and may not be rostered to another team (Dual Rostering) unless they complete the necessary transfer paperwork and requirements. Upon completion of the transfer paperwork, the player is then bound to the new team.

Off-Season Team (paper team): An off-season team is a team formed of newly registered and/or previously registered and rostered players from more than one previously registered team. The team roster is submitted to the league registrar and/or to other designated officials as needed for the specific purpose as designated by the league.

Off-season teams may only participate in those events for which they were formed, unless permission is granted in writing from the CYSA Board of Directors. They may not participate in any State or National events or Cup Competitions, unless so designated by the State or National bodies.

Travel Team: A principal team that participates in CYSA sanctioned tournaments, travels out of the team’s District of registration to play games with other CYSA teams or to play games outside of CYSA that have been sanctioned by a USYS affiliated State Association. A travel team must meet all the CYSA rules pertaining to competitive play.


Teams that wish to play in a league that is not in the district for any reason must obtain permission from their natural (normal) home league of residence.

The request should be in writing with the reasons so stated. If the league approves the request, it would then be forwarded to the out of District league for an answer. Upon approval the District Commissioner must be notified to clear the request between Districts and/or District Commissioners.


Practice games between CYSA youth teams and any adult (senior) team including teams registered with the California Soccer Association North, Women’s Premier Soccer League, National Premier Soccer League, Premier Development League, United Soccer League Super 20s or any other affiliated adult Organization may not be sanctioned by the District Commissioner. The term “adult” is interchangeable with the term “senior” and includes ANY college teams or unregistered adult teams. If a CYSA youth team does play against an adult (senior) team, the league/coach and/or manager are assuming full responsibility, including legal liability, for any injuries or other ramifications that may occur through the playing of the game.


The signature of a District Registrar will be accepted in the place of the District Commissioner on those registration materials delegated by that District Commissioner. These signed documents will be considered legal for all state competition.

This policy is based on the grounds that the District Registrar is an extension of the District Commissioner in the area of registration.


A team is registered with only one league but may play in more than one league at the same time or different times during the season.

It is necessary, however, that the home league concurs with the team’s request to play in more than the home league. Permission must be obtained from the league of registration in order for the team to play in another league. The non-home league should check with the league of registration for concurrence. The non-home league may charge an administration fee to the outside teams if they feel it is needed.

Inter-District league play may be held with written agreement of both District Commissioners involved.