Coaches and Team Administrators should complete the required live scan as early as possible. Team Administrators can complete the live scan at a live scan event hosted by their league/club, or by dropping into an approved Capital Live Scan vendor. Please remember, that if you have already completed your live scan and have been approved by Cal North, you do not need to rescan. Your prior live scan approval is valid for subsequent years.

How To Complete The Live Scan Process

The first step to completing the live scan process is registering with Cal North as a team administrator. This can be completed online. Upon registering in Cal North’s Data Management System as a team administrator, and printing the Request for Live Scan form, team administrators can either visit a local walk-in location or attend a league hosted live scan event.

If you choose to go to a local live scan vendor, it is highly recommended that the vendor is approved by Capital Live Scan. You can search for approved Capital Live Scan vendors online using Applicant Services Live Scan Location Finder. If you scan with a vendor, please make sure you keep copies of all completed forms in order to avoid potential delays resulting from errors.

If you cannot find an approved live scan vendor in your area, and you must go to a vendor that is not approved, please make sure the vendor of your choice is aware of our process. Often, delays occur due to simple errors that can be avoided. If you registered online, the second page of the Request for Live Scan form should be closely read, as it contains instructions for non-approved vendors.