This State Youth Course is to provide the most current and advanced information on growth and development if the youth soccer player. The youth soccer player is defined as any child from pre-school through adolescence. The course takes the approach that the GAME WITHIN EACH CHILD is at the center of all belief, decisions and actions taken by the child, coach and organization. It is the ultimate goal of the youth soccer development within the United States to unlock the game within children to their full soccer potential. The State Youth Module II is geared toward the U10 to U12 age group coach.


  • Philosophy of Coaching & Characteristics of U10 and U12 soccer players
  • Soccer Injuries
  • Team Administration
  • Risk Managements
  • Modified laws of the Game
  • Age appropriate field sessions


  • Minimum Age: 14 years of age

Course Length: 3 Hours

  • 1 Hour Classroom
  • 2 Hours Field

Course Schedule:

  • Saturday or Sunday: 4 hour Course


  • No

Course Size:

  • Minimum class size is 15; maximum class size is 20 Candidates.

Cost: (to Hosting league)

  • $195.00 per course

All candidates will receive the State Module I course Guidebook and upon completion a Certificate.

Cal North YM2 U9-U12, Prevention and Care for Youth, Team-Risk Management Course Materials