Cal North – Competitive Soccer League, or CCSL, is open to Cal North affiliated competitive level soccer teams, offering fall, spring and winter league options to accommodate the changing needs of the Northern California soccer community.

Our goal is to provide an appropriate playing environment for competitive level Cal North teams of all skill levels. With over 2000 teams playing CCSL each year, teams will be bracketed with other Copper, Bronze, Silver, Silver Elite, Gold and Premier level opponents. Cal North at the highest competitive level are encouraged to apply for the California Regional League (CRL).

Local volunteers and CCSL Staff work hard to match teams with similarly skilled and experienced teams. Teams and Clubs are always given an opportunity and encouraged to participate in the seeding process. Teams that improve have a real opportunity to move up each year to challenge themselves with higher level competition. Younger and lower level teams are bracketed geographically to reduce travel as much as possible, older and more experienced teams may travel more to find the most appropriate competition.

CCSL is a qualifying league for Cal North Cups and the USYS Regional and National Championship Series.

See the current schedule and apply online